When the server receives a request and processed it, it will reply with a Response Object.

As of version 7 of our software the encapsulation of the Response Object will always be RAW.

The Response Object

The server's response comes as a JSON-encoded Response Object.


The JSON string is prefixed and suffixed with a triple hash mark (###). The client program must throw away anything before and including the first occurrence of the triple has mark, as well as anything after and including the last occurrence of the triple hash mark. This is done for compatibility reasons, as some servers inject PHP warnings, or mistakenly serve their output as a full HTML page instead of the requested raw JSON format.

The Response Object contains the following fields:


The encapsulation the server decided to use for its response. This should always be 1 i.e. the RAW encapsulation.


An object containing the following fields:


The status of the request


The JSON-encoded Response Data, in the specified encapsulation

When the status is anything other than 200, the data is an encapsulated and JSON-encoded string containing more information about the error condition which occurred. If the status is 200, please refer to the Methods Reference for the expected response data.