Begins a backup job. You must run it before stepBackup.

Request Data expected

All the fields are optional. You can have a null data body.


Integer. Default = 1. The numeric profile ID to use for this backup job.


String. Default = Backup taken on <date> <time>. The short description to list in the Manage Backups (formerly "Administer Backup Files") page.


String. Default = Empty string. A longer comment to include in the Manage Backups (formerly "Administer Backup Files") listing for this backup record.


String. Default = json. Do not use this option! This is reserved for future use.


Array. Configuration variable overrides. Available since API version 335.

Response Data returned

A simple JSON object:


Boolean. When true, more steps are required to backup the site (unless Error is not empty). When false, the backup has just finished.


String. The backup domain. It can be one of "init', 'installer', 'db', 'pack', 'finalization'. It tells you which major step the backup is in, i.e. 'db' for database backup.


String. Free text describing the last operation in the current domain, e.g. the name of the last folder backed up. You should only use it for verbose progress display.


String. Free text, giving more detail about the Step. You should only use it for verbose progress display.


String. The last error occurred. If this is not an empty string or null, you can assume that the backup has failed, irrespectively of the HasRun value.


Array of Strings. The warnings produced during the last step. You'd better display them to the user.


Integer. The numeric ID of the backup record being created. Since API 340.


String. The name of the backup archive. You will only get this in one of the responses of startBackup or stepBackup, when the archive is first created. In all other responses it will be empty. Only use the non-empty response. Since API 340.


Integer. The percentage of the backup process completion (0-100). Since API 340.


String. The unique identifier of this backup. You need to pass this in all subsequent calls to stepBackup. Since API 340.


Integer. How many milliseconds you should wait before you run the next stepBackup. Since API 340.


Integer. The sequential number of this step. Step numbers returned by stepBackup must be sequentially numbered, monotonically increasing. Anything else indicates a misbehaving server / broken backup. Since API 340.


String. The run state of the engine. It can be one of error, init, prepared, running, postrun and finished. This is debugging information about the engine internals and you should not act upon it. Since API 340.