DEPRECATED - This method will be removed in Akeeba Backup 7.1

Updates or creates a backup profile. Available since API version 340.

Request Data expected


Integer. The profile ID you are saving to. Do not define it (or set to 0) to save into a new backup profile.


Integer. The profile ID to copy all data from. Do not define it to read the data from the same profile as the one you're saving to.


String. The profile title.


Integer. 1 to show a backup quickicon in the interface for this profile, 0 to hide it.

When both profile and source are empty or zero a new, empty profile is created. In this case the description MUST be present.

When profile is empty but source is not you are copying the source profile into a new profile (the engine and filter configuration is copied over).

When profile is non empty but source is empty you are editing an existing profile. In this case you should specify description or quickicon for the operation to make any sense.

When both the profile and source are non empty you are overwriting profile with the contents of the source profile.

Response Data returned

Boolean true.