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Akeeba eXtract Wizard 3.0.7 Stable

Released on: 2011-01-16 18:00 CST


This is the short list of changes since the last release, 3.0.6

  • Updated extraction engine. The archive extraction engine was synced with the version used in Akeeba Backup 3.2.b4's integrated restoration engine, working around some bugs with JPS archives.
  • Linux: application doesn't start. Users of Ubuntu Linux 10.04 or newer, as well as users of recent Linux distrubution releases experienced an issue with the application not starting at all when they double-clicked its icon. This version fixes this issue. All users are kindly requested to remove the old version's directory before updating.
  • Linux and Mac OS X: files not extracting. This issue was resolved in release 3.0.6 but the update never reached you. This releases permanently addresses this issue. If the application fails to auto-update, please install the new release manually.