Akeeba Backup 3.6.4

Akeeba Backup 3.6.4 (Stable) just released.

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Akeeba Backup 3.6.4, a maintenance release.

Akeeba Backup 3.6.x only supports Joomla! 2.5.1 or later. If you have one of those older versions of Joomla! you can download and install the appropriate version specified in our version compatibility chart. As of this version we will provide limited support to Joomla! 1.5 users as long as they are using Akeeba Backup 3.4.3.

This version addresses issues found in version 3.6.3 and introduces experimental support for Joomla! 3.0-beta1.

As always, you can download the free version, Akeeba Backup Core, from our Downloads page without any charge. If you are a Professional subscriber you can download the Akeeba Backup Professional release from the same page; just make sure you are logged in before visiting the download page. Alternatively, you can use the integrated Live Update feature of our software to update it automatically on supported server environments.

Since July 7th, 2011, support is provided only to subscribers. We have created a cheap (7.79€) subscription, MINISUPPORT, which gives you access to our Support Ticket System for eight days, with the same priority as all subscribers to any subscription level. If you already have an active AKEEBAPRO, ATPRO or AKEEBAPRO subscription you already have access to the support ticket system; you don’t need to buy an extra subscription. Moreover, if you have an active AKEEBADELUXE or SUPPORT subscription, you can get top priority, confidential support by selecting the Private ticket visibility option when creating a new ticket.

Please read our documentation for installation and update information. Consult our our version compatibility chart for supported versions of Akeeba Backup for your platform.


~ Better handling of default log directory path when restoring, based on which path exists and which is writable
# [HIGH] The Akeeba Backup Update Check plugin would occasionally crash
# [MEDIUM] Opening MySQL and MySQLi connections could sometimes fail
# [MEDIUM] System Restore Points would not work on Windows
# [MEDIUM] Old PHP version warning was shown in extensions installation page when using System Restore Points
# [LOW] Main Database Only wouldn't run from the command-line
# [LOW] Adding a RegEx folder skip filter like !#subdirectory# would result in no backup being taken
# [LOW] Missing ID in checkbox could interfere with FTP connection test
# [LOW] Scheduling information page would crash