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#36336 Error updating to version 7.5.15

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I got this error while trying to update my current version.

There was an error communicating with the update package extraction script restore.php. This usually indicates a permissions issue making this file unreadable to the web server or a server configuration (e.g. .htaccess file directives) issue blocking access to this file.

Please help me since need this updated version. Thanks


Please look at the bottom of this page (under Support Policy Summary) for our support policy summary, containing important information regarding our working hours and our support policy. Thank you!

IMPORTANT! Please remember to ZIP and attach your backup log file. Without it we are unlikely to be able to help you with backup issues. Thank you!

Amir Mokhtar

Akeeba Staff

You can very easily update Solo manually. In a nutshell:

  1. Download the latest version of Akeeba Solo's installation ZIP file.
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP file on your computer.
  3. Upload all the files from the extracted archive into the folder on your site where Akeeba Solo is installed, using FTP or SFTP, overwriting your existing files.
  4. Log in to Akeeba Solo to automatically complete the update process. There is no message when the process completes. You just see the main page of Akeeba Solo (this means the update succeeded).

If you are interested to find out what happened, I need to know what do you see when you visit the URL /restore.php on your Solo installation.

What I mean is this. Let's say Solo is installed in If you visit with your browser what do you get?

Normally, you should see this:

###{"status":false,"message":"Invalid login"}###

If you see anything else then the problem is a configuration issue on your server. If you tell me what you see I can try to point you to the right direction. For example, if you get a 403 Access Forbidden error or 404 Not Found (even after manually updating) the problem is that something in your .htaccess file or your server configuration is preventing you from accessing that file. In this case you'd be better off contacting your host who can more efficiently help you understand why you get an access issue on the file.

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos

Lead Developer and Director

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