Cookies used on our site

A "cookie" is a small text file stored on your computer by web sites you have visited. Cookies are used to provide the visitors of web sites access to different features and functionalities. The information contained in the cookie can be used to monitor the way you are using the Internet. According to the European Union's e-privacy directive all of our visitors must have access to information which declare that this site is using cookies and describe the reason they are used. Visitors must also consent to the use of these cookies.

This web site is using the following cookies:

Cookie namePurposeType
717812da5eb234620ad21cbcbdbe0ecb Session ID cookie. Used by our site's software (Joomla) to identify your current session and allow logging in to our site, remember which country you selected to view prices for etc. Mandatory
joomla_user_state Used by our site's software (Joomla) for purposes of logging into our site. Mandatory
cookieconsent_* Used to remember whether you have consented to using cookies on our site Mandatory

None of the mandatory cookies can be used to track you or profile you. They are only used for maintaining a user session.

Clarification: When you are purchasing a subscription or making a payment for a subscription you will see more cookies than the ones listed above. However, these cookies do not come from Akeeba Ltd's site, they come from the site of Paddle Ltd, the Merchant on Record who is selling you the software and processing the transaction. Please refer to their cookies and privacy policies for more information.

How to avoid cookies

Since our site only uses mandatory cookies we no longer display a cookie notification. There is no choice for you to make; we have already removed all all non-essential cookies from our site. We made that decision in an effort to help you maintain the highest degree of privacy when browsing our site.

That said, you can set up your browser to reject even the essential, mandatory cookies described above. Kindly note that rejecting the cookies marked above as Mandatory will make it impossible for you to use our site properly. It will make it technically impossible to log into our site. We would like to kindly remind you that this is not an acceptable reason for a refund since the liability for your inability to use our services lies with you, not us.

Non-legally binding commentary a.k.a. "what to do to protect my privacy and security"

We take your security and privacy very seriously. After all, our company makes security software for web sites. We only use cookies for the absolutely essential functions of our site such as logging you in. We do not track you, we don't let others track you on our behalf and we'd rather die in a fire than sell, rent or otherwise give your information to anybody else (unless we are obliged by some law to do so, e.g. giving your invoicing information to our accountant to prepare the tax forms stipulated by law).

Most of the wording in this document is required by the European Union to be present. In our opinion, disabling cookies altogether is an impractical solution. Sure, sites do work without cookies but they are no fun to use: they can't remember who you are, therefore simple things like logging in cannot possibly work. Even the EU recognizes that and considers sessions and login cookies as exempt from its draconian privacy laws.

A better, practical alternative which ensures a smooth web experience and a high degree of on-line privacy can be achieved by using the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger extension for most major browsers. On top of that, enable the Do Not Track feature of your browser. Moreover, use an ad blocker or use the ad blocking features of your browser to dodge advertisements and their potentially tracking behavior (or, worse, delivery of zero day exploits through malicious advertisements). Finally, use a script blocker, such as NoScript, to review the scripts used by various web sites and only accept the scripts coming from the site you are visiting (and its Content Delivery Network a.k.a. CDN where applicable). This is what our developers are doing to protect their on-line privacy on a daily basis.

Do note that if you are using script blockers you will need to add exemptions for legitimate sites you are visiting. For our site, you will need to enable cookies and unblock scripts for our site at the very least. If you are trying to purchase a subscription you must also make an exemption for the cookies and JavaScript used by our reseller, Paddle. If you'd rather make a bank transfer instead of making a purchase through our reseller kindly note that the prices and delivery times are very different due to the fact that a human will be involved in every step of the purchase process. If you are interested in this payment method please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page or file a pre-sales support ticket. Thank you for your understanding!