02 May 2018 Last updated on 14 November 2022

Cookies used on our site

A "cookie" is a small text file stored on your computer by web sites you have visited. Cookies are used to provide the visitors of web sites access to different features and functionalities. The information contained in the cookie can be used to monitor the way you are using the Internet. According to the European Union's e-privacy directive all of our visitors must have access to information which declare that this site is using cookies and describe the reason they are used. Visitors must also consent to the use of these cookies.

This web site is using the following cookies:

Cookie namePurposeType
5d6667d05ace83442f09bcaf33a139d7 Session ID cookie. Used by our site's software (Joomla) to identify your current session and store volatile data. This volatile data is not used for any kind of analytics and is disposed of when your session times out or you log out of our site. Mandatory
joomla_user_state Used by our site's software (Joomla) when you log in. It's used for the software to know that you are, indeed, logged in. This cookie is not set if you do not log into our site. Mandatory
jooomla_remember_me_* Set when you use the Remember Me feature when logging in. Used to remember your preference. This cookie will not be set if you do not choose to enable the Remember Me feature. Mandatory

None of the mandatory cookies can be used to track you or profile you. They are only used for maintaining a user session and tracking your explicit user authentication preferences.

Clarification: When you are making a payment for a new or renewed subscription are redirected to or shown an overlay containing a page on the site of our reseller, Paddle. Paddle is a third party company with its own Terms of Service, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. A link to these terms and policies is displayed at the bottom of the payment page. Please refer to these links for Paddle's use of cookies. For your convenience, here's a link to Paddle's Privacy Policy.

How to avoid cookies

Since our site only uses mandatory cookies which are not (and cannot be!) used to track you we no longer display a cookie banner. There is no choice for you to make; we have already removed all non-essential cookies from our site. We made that decision in an effort to help you maintain the highest degree of privacy when browsing our site.

That said, you can set up your browser to reject even the essential, mandatory cookies described above. Kindly note that rejecting the cookies marked above as Mandatory will make it impossible for you to use our site properly. It will make it technically impossible to log into our site which means that you can no longer use our services such as downloading our software from our site or request support at all. We would like to kindly remind you that this is not an acceptable reason for a refund since the liability for your inability to use our services lies with the customer.

Non-legally binding commentary a.k.a. "what to do to protect my privacy and security"

We treat our site's visitors and our clients the same way we'd like to be treated: with absolute respect to privacy. This is core to our very existence as a company making security software for web sites. We only use cookies for the absolutely essential functions of our site such as logging you in and temporarily keeping track of your express choices. We do not track you, we don't let others track you on our behalf and we'd rather die in a fire than sell, rent or otherwise give your information — personally identifiable, pseudonymised, aggregated or otherwise — to any third parties except for what is legally required (e.g. giving your invoicing information to our accountant to prepare the tax forms stipulated by law).

Most of the wording in this document is required by the European Union to be present. In our humble opinion, disabling cookies altogether is an impractical solution. Sure, sites do work without cookies but they are a lot like the fictional character Dory in the movie Finding Nemo: they suffer from a severe case of amnesia, therefore simple things like logging in cannot possibly work securely and other features taken for granted, like remembering which page you were on when browsing through paginated content, cannot work at all. Even the European Union recognises the truth in that and considers session and login cookies as explicitly exempt from being something you can disable, as long as a document like this one here explains exactly how each and every cookie is used on the site. We are happy to do that as we have nothing to hide; on the contrary, we are proud to not be using any cookies that are not absolutely necessary for technical reasons and always with your privacy in mind.

Not everyone takes such a clear stance against tracking. Many sites either on purpose or on accident expose you to privacy compromises. A better, practical alternative which ensures a smooth web experience and a high degree of on-line privacy can be achieved by using the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger extension for most major browsers. On top of that, enable the Do Not Track feature of your browser. Moreover, use an ad blocker or use the ad blocking features of your browser to deflect advertisements, avoiding any potentially tracking behaviour (or, worse, delivery of zero day exploits through malicious advertisements a.k.a. "malvertisements"). Further to that, use a script blocker, such as NoScript, to review the scripts used by various web sites and only accept the scripts coming from the site you are visiting (and its Content Delivery Network a.k.a. CDN where applicable). Finally, use a VPN — it's even integrated in some browsers like Opera and Safari — to further hide your real IP address from third party resources the site may be using. This is what our developers are doing to protect their on-line privacy on a daily basis.

Do note that if you are using script blockers you will need to add exemptions for legitimate sites you are visiting. For our site, you will need to enable cookies and unblock scripts for our site at the very least. If you are trying to purchase a subscription you must also make an exemption for the cookies and JavaScript used by our reseller, Paddle. If you'd rather make a bank transfer instead of making a purchase through our reseller kindly note that the prices and delivery times are very different due to the fact that a human will be involved in every step of the purchase process. If you are interested in this payment method please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page or file a pre-sales support ticket. Thank you for your understanding!