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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! Akeeba Backup for Joomla! €50.00
Admin Tools for Joomla! Admin Tools for Joomla! €50.00
Akeeba Ticket System for Joomla! Akeeba Ticket System for Joomla! €50.00
Akeeba Solo (Standalone) Akeeba Solo (Standalone) €50.00
Akeeba Backup for WordPress Akeeba Backup for WordPress €50.00
Admin Tools for WordPress Admin Tools for WordPress €50.00
Original price * €300.00
Bundle purchase discount * -€125.00
You pay * €175.00

* Quoted prices do not include any sales tax / VAT, if applicable. This is calculated after pressing the “Pay and Renew” button below, before you make a payment.

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You must tick this box to subscribe. By ticking this box you declare that you have been fully informed on the product you are purchasing, that you unreservedly accept the Terms of Service and give us your express consent to store and handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You have the right to revoke your consent and / or delete your user account anytime.

Clicking on this button will redirect you to the site of our reseller, Paddle, to make the payment. Your choices about discounts are made final when you click on this button.


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Akeeba Backup Professional for Joomla!
  • UNiTE
  • Kickstart Professional

Unlimited sites/domains license.


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Admin Tools Professional for Joomla!

Unlimited sites/domains license.


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Akeeba Ticket System

Unlimited sites/domains license.

Please note: "Akeeba Ticket System" refers to our Joomla! component by that name, not the support section of our site. This subscription does not allow you to make support requests regarding any of our other products or services. (Not sure what you need? Ask a pre-sales question.)


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Akeeba Solo (standalone PHP)
  • UNiTE
  • Kickstart Professional

Unlimited sites/domains license.


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Akeeba Backup Professional for WordPress
  • UNiTE
  • Kickstart Professional

Unlimited sites/domains license.

Important: Please check our version compatibility page before subscribing to ensure Akeeba Backup will run on your server.


This subscription includes 1 year of downloads & support for:

  • Admin Tools Professional for WordPress

Unlimited sites/domains license.

Important information on subscriptions and payments

All sales are made through our reseller, Paddle, who handle sales tax / VAT, payments processing and invoicing; they are the Merchant of Record for the transaction. We, Akeeba Ltd, handle the order fulfilment i.e. we provide the services — such as software download and support — which are included in your subscription.

Our prices are listed in EUR () and do not include sales tax, if applicable. The final, tax inclusive amount payable will be displayed right before you select a payment method and authorize the transaction. For details on sales tax and VAT rates for different countries and locations please refer to our reseller's sales tax and VAT page.

Renewals can be bought 3 months before a subscription expires at the earliest. If you renew your subscription before its suspension date you will receive an automatic discount and you will not lose any subscription time.

How subscriptions work

We provide full transparency on every aspect of subscription purchase, renewal and management.

Pre-sales requests

We encourage you to read this information and our documentation, as well as watch our video tutorials before making a purchase. Most of our products have feature-limited, free of charge versions; we recommend installing them on your site to get a good idea of how our software works. If you still have a question please feel free to use the Contact Us page on our site to ask your question. We try to respond within a few hours up to two business days. Please use the Pre-sales Request category in our contact form. If you ask your question on our Facebook page or on Twitter it may take longer than that; pre-sales requests are answered by our developers who spend little time on social media.

Scope of subscriptions

You can purchase subscriptions to our products. There are no free of charge subscriptions. We do offer feature-limited, free of charge versions of our products (‘Core’ editions) which are available for download without a subscription or registering for a user account. They are, however, provided without any support whatsoever. Access to our documentation and video tutorials is free of charge and does not require an active subscription or even registering for a user account.

You need an active subscription to a product to get access to our services for this product e.g. downloading the ‘Professional’ edition which is only available to subscribers and receiving support through our Support ticket system. Our Terms of Service describe the scope of the provided services. Kindly note that you must accept our Terms of Service to subscribe.

Prices and sales tax

The prices listed on our site only apply for self-service checkouts, paid using a credit or debit card, PayPal account or Apple Pay. A receipt or invoice is issued after the successful conclusion of the transaction. If you want to pay by bank transfer or be issued an invoice prior to your payment — commonly required when purchasing subscriptions on behalf of a larger organisation — please consult our price list page for paying against an invoice. Kindly note that in the latter case the entire process is handled manually, making it slower and more expensive.

The prices listed on our site do not include any sales tax / VAT. This is charged on top of the listed price, where applicable. For information on sales tax please refer to the “Receipts, Invoices, Sales Tax and Support” section.

Subscription length

New subscriptions become active after receiving a confirmation of successful payment and remain valid for one year since their purchase date.

Subscriptions do not renew automatically. When a subscription reaches the end of its validity period it becomes suspended for one month; after that period it expires. You will be notified by email twice, one month and 14 days prior to your subscription's suspension date, and again on the date of your subscription's suspension and expiration unless you have renewed your subscription at least 24 hours prior to that. Notifications are sent from the unmonitored email address [email protected]. Please don't use this address to contact us; messages sent to that email address are discarded.

Bundle purchases

If you do not have any Active or Suspended subscriptions on your user account you will be given the option to make a bundle purchase, i.e. purchase two or more product subscriptions with a single payment. The same rules apply as adding more products to your account: the cheapest subscription is charged at full price and the rest get an automatic 50% discount. You cannot use a coupon code when making a bundle purchase. Bundle purchases cannot be refunded partially; if you download or request support for any product your bundle purchase gives you access to you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Renewals and add-ons

You can renew your subscriptions starting 3 months before its suspension date. If you renew it before its suspension date you receive an automatic discount without losing any subscription time; the renewal starts counting from the suspension date. You can also renew your subscription during its suspension period or repurchase it after it expires. If you have multiple subscriptions you can renew one, some or all of them at once. You can also add subscriptions to additional products on your user account at any time. If you have multiple active product subscriptions you can choose to align their expiration dates. Please refer to the “Renewals and Add-ons” section for details on these subjects.

Licensing and management

Our licensing is very permissive; you can essentially use our software products on as many sites, domains and servers as you want, be it your sites or the sites you built or maintain for your clients. Please refer to the “Licensing” section for more information.

You can manage your subscriptions from the My Subscriptions page of our site. Kindly note that you cannot cancel a subscription, nor do you have to: as noted, subscriptions do not renew automatically. You need to come to our site and manually pay for a subscription renewal. If you do not that your subscription expires, i.e. it is canceled.

When can you buy a renewal

You can purchase individual subscription renewals at the earliest 3 months before the date they become suspended and at the latest one month after they become suspended. An automatic renewal discount will be applied to your renewal purchase based on the number of eligible (Active and Suspended) product subscriptions in your user account. You will get a 40% discount if you only have a single eligible product subscription and a 55% discount if you have two or more eligible subscriptions. The discount percentages are subject to change without prior notice. Please note that one month after its suspension date the subscription becomes expired. You cannot purchase a renewal of an expired subscription; you can only repurchase a subscription to that product.

Renewals add time

Purchasing a renewal adds one year of subscription time to the latest subscription for that product. Please note that when you repurchase a subscription — after the subscription expires or if you choose to do so instead of renewing a suspended subscription — you are not extending an existing subscription; you are purchasing a new subscription. As a result, the repurchased subscription will start counting from the time of successful payment and will remain active for one year.

Renewing Active vs. Suspended subscriptions

If you are renewing your subscription before it becomes suspended you do not lose any subscription time. The renewal simply extends the suspension date of your subscription for one year.

If you are renewing a suspended subscription the renewal starts counting from the subscription's suspension date which is prior to the date of your purchase. You will be given the option to instead forego the automatic renewal discount and repurchase the subscription instead. As noted, the repurchased subscription will start counting from the time of successful payment and will remain active for one year. You can change your mind any number of times before clicking the button to start making a payment; upon clicking that button your choice is considered final.

Renewing multiple subscriptions (Bundle Renewal)

You can purchase a Bundle Renewal instead of individual renewals from either the My Subscriptions or the Products page of our site. This lets you make a combined purchase for all of your Active and Suspended subscriptions which are within the renewal window (between 3 months before the suspension date and one month after the suspension date). You can exclude any product subscriptions you do not wish to renew, as long as you pick at least two (2) subscriptions to renew. Please note that you will only see this option if you have at least two subscriptions within the renewal window. Bundle renewals cannot be refunded partially; if you download or request support for any product your bundle renewal gives you access to you are no longer eligible for a refund.

Aligning the renewal dates of multiple subscriptions

If you would like to align the suspension dates — therefore the renewal dates — of your Active subscriptions please use the “Align Subscriptions” button in the My Subscriptions page. This button only appears when the suspension dates of your subscriptions are more than one calendar day apart from each other. Clicking that button will change the suspension date of all active subscriptions so that the ‘meet in the middle’. For example, if you have a subscription which expires 9 months from now and another one which expires 3 months from now they will both expire 6 months from now. You do not lose any money; all of our products have the same price. This action is considered final and cannot be rolled back, either automatically or manually.

Adding more products to your account

You can add subscriptions for other products under your account at any time with an automatic 50% discount. The discount applies if you have at least one Active or Suspended subscription under your user account.

Please note that automatic renewal and add-on product discounts can not be combined with coupon codes. Coupon codes only apply when you do not have any active or suspended product subscriptions.

All sales go through a reseller

Since July 1st, 2019 our company, Akeeba Ltd, does not sell directly to clients. All sales go through our authorised reseller, Paddle. Paddle is responsible for applying any applicable sales tax, handling the transaction and issuing the invoice. They are the Merchant on Record, i.e. they are the company that sells you the subscription, therefore they are the company that issues an invoice to you. Akeeba Ltd handles the fulfillment of your order, i.e. we provide the services (such as downloads and support) for the corresponding product of the subscription you purchased.

Sales tax / VAT

Even though Akeeba Ltd us based in the Republic of Cyprus and our reseller, Paddle, has offices in the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States of America sales tax / VAT may be charged for clients who have their tax residence in jurisdictions other than those, in accordance with local and international tax laws. You can find a list of countries and the corresponding sales tax charged in Paddle's help page on sales tax. On that page B2B refers to sales made to businesses and sole proprietors, whereas B2C refers to sales made to individuals, i.e. any entity that's neither a business nor a sole proprietor.

Making a business purchase

When you are making a payment for a new subscription or renewal purchase you can enter your invoicing information and tax identification number (e.g. VAT number in the EU). In this case the Business-to-Business (B2B) sales tax rate will apply. In most of the world this is lower than Business-to-Client (B2C) sales tax rates or even zero, e.g. in the European Union when you have a VIES-registered VAT number. Moreover, you will be directly issued a tax invoice so you can file your subscription payment as a business expense.

Converting a receipt to an invoice

If you have accidentally purchased a subscription as an individual instead of a business / sole proprietor you will receive a receipt instead of an invoice. You can visit the receipt link within 7 calendar days of your purchase to enter your business invoicing information. This will be reviewed by Paddle and a sales tax refund, if applicable, will be issued within 10 business days.

Getting help

If you have a question about the transaction, the sales tax charged or the receipt / invoice please do not contact Akeeba Ltd; we cannot help you since these details are outside our control. Instead, please contact our reseller, Paddle, either by email or by chatting with their virtual assistant.

If you have made a payment in error you may be eligible for a refund per our Terms of Service. In this case please do not file a payment dispute with your card issuer / PayPal and do not contact Paddle. Moreover, if you need help accessing our product downloads, using our products, or have a problem with your user account on our site please do not contact us. In these cases you need to contact us, using either our site's Contact Us page or by filing a ticket under the Pre-sales category. Please allow up to four business days for us to process your request; usually we reply within a few hours but some cases may be complicated and/or require seeking information from third parties. Thank you for your understanding!

No domain or site limits

You can use the software products you are subscribed to on an unlimited number of sites, domains and servers. You can, however, only request support for a maximum of three sites per month.

You can use the software on your clients' sites

You can use the software products you are subscribed to on your own site. If you are a site developer (i.e. you are building sites or maintaining sites you or someone else built) you can also use our software products on your direct clients' sites as well. In the latter case we ask you to please let your clients know that they are not our direct clients and cannot request any services, such as downloads and support from us. They have to request these services from you. If they want to receive our services directly from us they will need to purchase a new subscription under their own user account.

Create Add-on Download IDs for easier management

You can create an unlimited number of Add-on Download IDs (a.k.a. ‘download keys’) on our site. You can set up one new Add-on Download ID per client or site for easier management of your client relations. You can regenerate, disable or delete each Add-on Download ID individually. This lets you suspend sharing your subscription with a specific site or client whenever you want. You can only regenerate your Main Download ID; you cannot disable or delete it.

The My Subscriptions page on our site lets you manage your subscriptions. It presents them grouped by product.

Products and Subscriptions

You may have more than one subscriptions to each product. Each subscription is a contiguous period of time during which you have an active subscription for the corresponding product. Only one subscription per product can be active at any one time.

Subscriptions will be marked as being of one of the following states:

Unpaid product subscriptions indicate that you started a purchase but did not complete it. They will display for 7 days, during which you can complete the payment. Afterwards they no longer show up here; you can still retry purchasing a subscription from the Subscribe page of our site. You can use the “Start Over” button to permanently cancel the payment in progress and retry.

Active product subscriptions are currently enabled and give you access to the services for that product e.g. downloads and support.

Suspended product subscriptions are currently disabled; you do not have access to the services for that product. You can, however, still renew them with an automatic discount. See the information on renewals below.

Expired product subscriptions are disabled; you do not have access to the services for that product. You can repurchase a subscription to that product without an automatic discount.


Each product subscription can have one or more payments. Each payment represents one attempt at paying for a subscription. That means that completed payments will be listed along with incomplete, pending, failed, canceled and refunded payments. Payments are shown in reverse chronological order (latest first). Each subscription will show up as having one of the following states:

Unpaid payments indicate that you started a purchase but did not complete it. You can complete a payment within 7 days with the price already displayed to you. Afterwards they become canceled; you can still retry purchasing a subscription or renewal from the Subscribe page of our site.

Complete payments are successful payments. You can download the receipt or invoice for them and view the transaction details.

Processing indicates that the payment is currently being processed by our reseller, Paddle. It will become Complete or Cancelled within a few seconds to a few days; kindly note that if you pay by PayPal e-cheque it may take up to 40 business days to clear. We will email you automatically when we head back from our reseller about the status of the transaction.

Canceled means that we do not have your money anymore. This may happen if you abandon your cart (have not completed your payment), the payment is disputed by you or your card issuer, receive a full refund or otherwise ask us to cancel the transaction.