Self-hosted site monitoring.

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Self-hosted site monitoring for Joomla!™ sites.

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Top Features


Free of charge and free as in freedom. Licensed under the GNU Affero GPLv3 license.


Host it on your own server, under your terms, without per-site fees. You own your data, nobody holds it ransom.

Joomla! update

Get notified on new Joomla! updates detected by your sites. Install them, automatically or manually, without leaving Panopticon. Automation options can be selected globally, or per site.

Extensions update

Get notified on new extension versions. Install them, automatically or manually, without leaving Panopticon. Automation options can be selected per site and extension.

Scheduled backups

Backup your site automatically with Akeeba Backup Professional, and manage your backups from Panopticon.

Admin Tools integration

Locked out of your site? Regain access with one click from Panopticon. Moreover, check the reports of Admin Tool's PHP File Change Scanner for peace of mind.

Lightweight and easy

Panopticon is designed to run even on most resource-restricted shared hosting, or something as underpowered as a Raspberry Pi model 2. All you need is be able to run a CRON job every minute.

Invite your clients

Got dozens or hundreds of clients? No problem! User groups and permissions let you invite them, and choose whether they can take action.

Flexible and extensible

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. You can customise and extend Panopticon at every level: CSS, HTML output, change existing features, or create entirely new features. Sky's the limit.

All Features

Akeeba Panopticon Standalone
Free and Open Source Software

Free of charge, licensed under the GNU Affero GPLv3 license.


All you pay for is your own server, no matter if you monitor one site, or one thousand sites.

Lightweight and easy

You can run it on any server with at least 512MiB RAM and real (command-line or URL) CRON jobs which can execute once every minute.

Joomla version check

Monitor the Joomla version of your sites, and optionally update them

Joomla update global and per-site settings

Choose whether and when to update Joomla by default (e.g. only on minor and patch releases), globally and per site.

Changed view templates report

After updating Joomla! and/or its extensions check out the changed view templates report to find out if you need to update your template overrides

PHP version check

See whether you are using a supported PHP version, if it's about to become End of Life, and whether you're using the latest quality and security update of your PHP version.

Extension version check

See which third party extensions are installed on each site, their versions, and whether there are updates available.

Extension update global, per-site, and per-extension settings

Choose whether, when, and which extensions will be automatically updated.

Scheduled backups

Backup your site with Akeeba Backup Professional, manually or automatically, with any number of backup schedules per site.

Manage backups

Manage your backups from Panopticon itself, without having to go through your site's administrator page in most cases.

Admin Tools: Secret URL Parameter integration

If you're using Admin Tools Professional and have enabled the Secret URL Parameter feature the link to your site's administrator page in Panopticon will have the secret URL parameter already filled in for you.

Admin Tools: lock-out fix

Got locked out of your site by Admin Tools Professional? In most cases you can click a button in Panopticon to regain access.

Admin Tools: PHP File Change Scanner integration

Review the reports of the PHP File Change Scanner to find out what's changed on your site.

Email notifications

Get emails on the availability of updates, when updates installed (or failed to install), and when backups run.

Email templates

Want to white label your installation? Edit the email templates to best match your brand identity and woe your clients!

Access Control

User Groups and permissions allow you to give select users view-only, basic administration, or full configuration privileges to the entire application, or only a number of sites. Great for inviting your clients to your site monitoring installation.

Total white-labelling support

You can override the language strings, CSS, HTML output (view templates and overall template), and email templates to match your brand identity. All without touching core code.


You can modify existing features, or even create your own, using custom code. Your custom code is stored separate to the core code (no core hacks necessary).

Choose your deployment method

Panopticon can be deployed over Docker, via Composer, using Git, or as a regular installation by extracting a ZIP archive.

Integrated updater

When installed via Composer, or as a regular installation, Panopticon can self-update — from the web interface, or the command line.

Rich CLI application

Perform administrative tasks over the command line, allowing for fine-grained automations not supported by the web interface itself