An easy social login solution for Joomla!

Akeeba SocialLogin


An easy social login solution for Joomla. Make it even easier for your users to create an account or login to your Joomla! site, by allowing them to connect with Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter.

Compatible with Joomla 3, Joomla 4 and Joomla 5.

Akeeba SocialLogin

for Joomla!


Top Features

Login or create a new account

Login to accounts already linked to a social netwoprk account. Login to a accounts not yet linked (with select platforms). Create new accounts. Or maybe a combination thereof. We've got you covered!

Wide login services support

LoginGuard supports Facebook, GitHub, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft Account, Twitter and Login with Apple. You will need to register a developer account and follow our instructions with each of these third party services to integrate them on your site.

No third party JavaScript

We do not use the JavaScript APIs of the social networks we implement. This makes your site pages faster to load and does not compromise your visitors' privacy, in compliance with EU GDPR and other privacy-oriented legislation.

Login buttons anywhere you need them

On your login form. On your login page. Or anywhere else using our special single-liner helper for use in your template overrides.

Buttons your way

Bring your own CSS. Or completely override the buttons' HTML using standard Joomla! template overrides.

Supports native Joomla 4 login buttons

Joomla 4 users don't need to think twice about it. SocialLogin buttons appear where they should using Joomla 4's native support for add-on login buttons – the same thing used for Joomla's Web Authentication button.

All Features

Akeeba SocialLogin for Joomla!
Link and unlink accounts

Your users can link and unlink their Joomla user profile with their social network or third party login service.

Login already linked or any account

Allow logging in users if their social network email is verified and matches their Joomla email.

Create new accounts

You can optionally create new accounts. Ideal for use with Login with Apple.

Bypass Joomla verification on account creation

You can optionally skip the Joomla account verification (email) if the user creating an account is verified by the social network.

Privacy first

We do not use the JavaScript SDKs of social networks to minimise page load times and privacy concerns.

Place login buttons anywhere

One-liner helper to place login buttons anywhere you want, using standard Joomla template overrides.

Custom button styling

You can override the CSS and / or the HTML output of the buttons.

Native Joomla 4 custom login buttons support

Joomla 4 allows placing custom login buttons in login modules and the login page. We fully support this feature.


You can create plugins for custom Single Sign On solutions and other third party login services

Available integrations

Microsoft Account
Synology Single Sign-On