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Premium Extensions for Joomla!™ Joomla! 5

Joomla! 3 is End of Life since August 17th, 2023

You can find downloads for Joomla! 3 in the Version Compatibility page of our site. The versions of our software for Joomla! 3.10 will only receive security updates and very limited support until August 17th, 2024. You must upgrade to a supported version of Joomla! as soon as possible.

53 days left

Joomla! 4 will become End of Life on October 15th, 2024

We will provide full support for Joomla! 4.4 until October 15th, 2024. We will only provide security updates and very limited support until October 15th, 2025. We urge you to migrate your sites to Joomla! 5 as soon as possible.

112 days left

Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 4 & 5

Backup and restore your Joomla!™ site.

Admin Tools for Joomla! 4 & 5

Security and maintenance for your Joomla!™ site.

Akeeba Ticket System for Joomla! 4 & 5

Help desk software for Joomla!™.

Premium Plugins for WordPress

Admin Tools for WordPress

Security and maintenance for your WordPress site.

Other Backup Products

Kickstart (Standalone)

Extract backup archives directly on your server.

Akeeba Solo (Standalone)

Backup and restore any site based on PHP and MySQL.

Akeeba Panopticon (Standalone)

Self-hosted site monitoring.

UNiTE (PHP command line)

Unattended backup restoration.

Remote CLI (PHP command line)

Remote backup execution and download.

Free Extensions for Joomla!™ Joomla! 5

SocialLogin for Joomla! 4 & 5

Login into Joomla™ with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc.

Engage for Joomla! 4 & 5

Comments for core Joomla™ articles.

DataCompliance for Joomla! 4 & 5

GDPR compliance toolkit for Joomla™.

SkeletonKey for Joomla! 4 & 5

Allow Joomla™ administrators to login as any user.

MagicEraser for Joomla! 3

Automatically remove obsolete extensions and files related to Akeeba extensions from Joomla 3 to get it ready for upgrade to Joomla! 4.


We no longer provide official translations for our software for reasons we've already explained. Our software only ships with English (Great Britain) language files. You can ask in your local Joomla! or WordPress forums for any unofficial localisation initiatives in your language.

Developer Releases

Developer releases are unstable, minimally tested snapshots of our work in progress. As such they may contain bugs and inaccuracies.

We advise against using them on production sites unless we have explicitly asked you to. You may install and use them at your own risk.

I understand the risks. Take me to the developer releases.