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Experimental Joomla! 3 software

The following Joomla software was written to fulfill a need in our sites. It's rough around the edges and doesn't have a reason of existence in Joomla 4 (it's superseded by core features). Use at your own risk.

  • Joomla 3 SVG support. Adds support for uploading SVG files in the Media Manager and selecting them in image fields. Performs in-memory core code patching.
  • MailMagic. Converts plain text emails into HTML, using a user-supplied template. Performs in-memory core code patching.
  • DarkMagic. Dark Mode for the Joomla 3 Protostar (frontend) and Isis (backend) core Joomla templates.
  • Overload. A CLI tool to mass-generate hundreds of thousands of Joomla articles in dozens to thousands of nested categories. Written for stress-testing Joomla core code.


You can find third party, unofficial translations for our software at JoomlaTranslate.

DISCLAIMER. Akeeba Ltd has no control over this unofficial language content (“translations”). We can not vouch for its accuracy, completeness, tone of voice or overall quality. We can not accept correction requests for it. We can not offer any support for it including but not limited to installing it or activating it on your site. As a result we can not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any misleading, inaccurate, or out of date information contained therein. Furthermore, we cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of any decision or action you take in accordance with the information contained in the third party language content. Finally note that the only language content we will consider “official” in the context of our software is the language files for the English (Great Britain) language included with our software, as distributed on our site.

Developer Releases

Developer releases are unstable, minimally tested snapshots of our work in progress. As such they may contain bugs and inaccuracies.

We advise against using them on production sites unless we have explicitly asked you to. You may install and use them at your own risk.

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