This documentation page is for Joomla! 3.x

This documentation page does not apply to our software versions for Joomla! 4.0 and later versions. If you are not using Joomla 3 please consult the documentation index to find and read the correct version of the documentation.

Uninstalling Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup can be uninstalled just like any other Joomla extension.


Uninstalling Akeeba Backup will delete your backup profiles, the list of your backup attempts (what you see in the Manage Backups page) and any backups stored in the default backup output folder which is inside Akeeba Backup's component folder. There is no further confirmation. This process is IRREVERSIBLE. If you lose your backups by uninstalling Akeeba Backup we cannot help you retrieve them, they are gone forever.

First, go the extensions manager page.

  • Joomla 3: From the top menu of your Joomla! administrator click on Extensions, Manage. From the left-hand sidebar choose Manage.

  • Joomla 4: From the sidebar of your Joomla! administrator click on System. On the new page find the Manage area towards the top of the middle column and click the Extensions link.

In the Search box type Akeeba Backup package. It will show you a single item called "Akeeba Backup package" whose Type is Package.


Only ever try to uninstall the Package type extension. DO NOT try to uninstall the component, its plugins or module individually. It will leave stuff behind.

Select the item's checkbox and click on the Uninstall button in the toolbar. The extension and all its dependencies will be automatically uninstalled.

Information about FOF

All of our software, as well as some third party software, installs our FOF framework version 3 or 4. This is automatically removed when the last extension to use it is being uninstalled.

Please DO NOT try to uninstall the file_fof30 or file_fof40 File type extension manually. Joomla will let you do that even when it's not safe, meaning that your site may become inaccessible.

Furthermore, please note that Joomla 3 (but NOT Joomla 4) comes with a similarly named FOF extension of the Library type installed. This is an ancient (last updated April 2015), no longer supported version (2.4.3) of our FOF framework that's bundled with Joomla itself. It is NOT part of Akeeba software. Moreover, it cannot be uninstalled - it's a protected extension. Please do not ask us for assistance about this extension, it's part of Joomla itself.

Finally, if you had a really old version of our software installed you might find an extension named F0F (ef zero ef). That was an updated version of FOF 2.x, named in a way that does not conflict with Joomla's copy of FOF 2 (it's complicated...). We have not used this framework since mid-2015 so you should be able to safely remove it as long as no third party extension still uses it. Since it's been so many years since we last updated it or used it in our software we will no longer answer inquiries about it. Thank you for your understanding.