Profile configuration options management

These commands allow you to manage the configuration settings of your backup profiles, used to take backups.


What it does: Lists the configuration options for an Akeeba Backup profile, including their titles.

Syntax: akeeba:option:list [--profile=1] [--filter=FILTER] [--sort-by=SORT_FIELD] [--sort-order=SORT_ORDER] [--format=FORMAT]


This command takes no arguments.



Optional. The backup profile to list configuration options for.

Provide the numeric profile ID. If omitted, the default backup profile ID 1 is used.


Optional. Only return records whose keys begin with the given filter.

Use text e.g. akeeba.core.


Optional. Sort the output by the given column: none, key, value, type, default, title, description, section

Default: none


Optional. Sorting order.

asc for ascending, desc for descending.


Optional. Output format: table, json, yaml, csv, count.

Exit codes

One of the following exit codes will be set when the command finishes running:


The command completed without an error.


Invalid profile ID specified.


Your filter resulted in no options being listed.