What it does: Creates a copy of an Akeeba Backup profile

Syntax: akeeba:profile:copy --id=ID [--filters] [--description=DESCRIPTION] [--quickicon=QUICKICON] [--format=FORMAT]


This command takes no arguments.



Mandatory. The numeric ID of the profile to copy


Optional. Include filters in the copy?

When this option is not present the filters will NOT be copied.


Optional. Description for the new backup profile. Uses the old profile's description if not specified.


Optional. Should the new backup profile have a one-click backup icon? Copies the old profile\'s setting if not specified.


Optional. The format for the response. Use JSON to get a JSON-parseable numeric ID of the new backup profile. Values: text, json

Exit codes

One of the following exit codes will be set when the command finishes running:


The command completed without an error.


Invalid profile ID.


Internal error.