Using third party software


We strongly advise you against using third party software to extract backup archives. Backup archives taken with Akeeba Backup are best extracted using Akeeba Kickstart.

If you are using the ZIP format it is possible to use third party software to extract the backup archives locally. Please note that the only third party software which follows the official ZIP specification and can extract backup archives in ZIP format is PKZIP for Windows and WinZIP. Other software such as the Linux and Mac OS X ZIP utility, Windows Compressed Folder, WinRAR, 7-Zip etc use the InfoZIP library which does not understand the official multipart ZIP archive format specification which is used by Akeeba Backup.

Moreover, large files do have an invalid CRC32 checksum. This is done on purpose. Calculating the CRC32 checksum of large files would lead to timeouts and backup failure. This means that you may receive warning about corrupt files when extracting backup archives in ZIP format. Usually this is not a problem, the files are extracted successfully.

After extracting the files you will need to move them to your web root.