Clicking on a link on the restored site takes me to the original site (link migration issues)

Please check if you have redirections in your .htaccess file, for example directing all traffic to the www prefixed site or to a specific domain, e.g. all traffic to, even if it referenced or in the URL. Such problems are easy to spot because you have put this code in the .htaccess file and you should know about what it does. Just remove it or comment it out.

Maybe you have to set or change the $live_site parameter in your site's configuration.php. Normally, Joomla!™ is able to determine the absolute URL to your site's root without your help. However, it looks like that some servers lie, most notably Microsoft™ IIS™, so we have to help our favorite CMS with that. You had the chance to set this URL during the restoration, but it's never too late. Just edit the configuration.php file on your site's root with a plain text editor, e.g. Notepad++ or Kate, and find the line which starts with public $live_site. Change the rightmost part (the one between single quotes) to your site's URL, without a trailing slash. For example - see? No trailing slash!

Finally, on some hosts it's required to change or enable the RewriteBase parameter in your .htaccess file. Most often than not it's enough to edit the file and find the line beginning with RewriteBase. If there is a hash in front, remove it. Change this line so that it reads:

RewriteBase /

or, if you restored in a subdirectory named foobar:

RewriteBase /foobar