Kickstart's interface

Initial dialogue

The initial dialogue

Once you launch Kickstart, you'll first get a standard notice regarding the top things that you should be aware about:

  1. Kickstart is not an installer. It is an archive extraction tool. The actual installer was put inside the archive file at backup time.

  2. Kickstart is bound by your server's configuration. As such, it may not work at all.

  3. You should download and upload your archive files using FTP in Binary transfer mode. Any other method could lead to a corrupt backup archive and restoration failure.

  4. Post-restoration site load errors are usually caused by .htaccess or php.ini directives. You should understand that blank pages, 404 and 500 errors can usually be worked around by editing the aforementioned files. It is not our job to mess with your configuration files, because this could be dangerous for your site.

  5. Kickstart overwrites files without a warning. If you are not sure that you are OK with that do not continue.

  6. Trying to restore to the temporary URL of a cPanel host (e.g. will lead to restoration failure and your site will appear to be not working. This is normal and it's just how your server and CMS software work.

  7. You are supposed to read the documentation before using this software. Most issues can be avoided, or easily worked around, by understanding how this software works.

  8. This text does not imply that there is a problem detected. It is standard text displayed every time you launch Kickstart.

Once you have read all of the above and you feel comfortable with this information, please press the ESC key to close this dialog box.