ANGIE for Joomla!

These are the specific instructions for the ANGIE for Joomla! site restoration script which is supposed to be used when backing up sites based on the Joomla! content management system. Only the pages specific to this script are described here. For the common instructions among all ANGIE installers please consult the relevant section.

First page

If you are restoring to a different site or a server with a different PHP version than the one you backed up from you will see warnings in yellow background at the top of the page. Please note that the existence of these warnings doesn't mean that the restoration won't work. They are there to warn you to the fact that your restored site may or may not work in the new server because the server configuration may be different and some extension may not be compatible with it. It's the kind of information that is impossible to know before finishing the restoration.

If any of the settings under the Pre-installation check header is red, most probably the restoration will fail, or Joomla! will not run properly. Several users have reported that even when the MB language is default is set to No your site does get restored and does work properly. Take this reported success with a grain of salt, as the Joomla! project recommends otherwise and continue the restoration at your own risk. Please note that if any of these settings is shown in red you have to ask your host for support. Please do not ask us for support; we are not your host and we cannot change your server's configuration.

Recommended settings contains a series of optional settings and their recommended values. If any of those values is in orange, your site will be restored and will most likely work without a problem. It is common to have 2-4 orange items on most commercial hosts and we can attest that Joomla! works just fine on them. If you want more information about that, please take a look at our relevant troubleshooting page.

ANGIE for Joomla! - The main page

Below these areas you can find two information sections. The Backup Information column shows you information about the site you backed up from. Please note that this is the information Akeeba Backup recorded while taking the backup and they are presented here for your information only. Next to it you will find the Site Information column. This shows information about the current site you are restoring to. This is shown for your information.

When you're ready, please click on the blue Next button in the upper right hand corner of the page to proceed to the database setup page.