Introducing Akeeba Backup for WordPress

Akeeba Backup for WordPress is a complete site backup solution for WordPress-powered websites. It installs as a native WordPress plugin and requires minimal, if any, configuration to start backing up your sites. Based on the strong legacy of Akeeba Backup it delivers an easy to use, yet powerful, solution to backing up, restoring and moving your WordPress site between servers of the same or different architecture.

Its mission is simple: backup your entire site - including all files and database contents - inside a standalone archive. You can then restore your entire site from the contents of this archive, without the need of installing and configuring WordPress prior to the restoration.

If you want absolute power and flexibility, Akeeba Backup for WordPress is right for you, too! It puts you in charge of fine-tuning your backup, choosing which directories, files or database tables to exclude. It can even allow you to backup off-site content, as long as you specify which off-site directories and databases you want to add.