Manage remotely stored files

You have the option to manage backup archives stored in a remote storage location, for example Amazon S3 or a remote FTP server. You can do that by clicking on the Manage remotely stored files link on the far right hand column of supported backup records in the Manage Backups page. Clicking on that link opens a modal (popup box).

Please note that not all of the following features may appear in the dialog. It depends on the remote storage engine used for the backup record. Most engines support remotely stored file deletion and quite a lot of them support fetching an archive back to your server. Very few of them support downloading a remotely stored file directly to the browser. These are limitations imposed by the remote storage service.

The "Manage Remotely Stored Files" page

The Fetch back to server button will automatically download the backup archive from the remote location and store it again on your server. This allows you to easily import backup archives stored on a remote location back to your server's storage so that you can easily restore them on the same or a different site. If you are using S3, please make sure that the user credentials you have supplied have enough privileges for the files to be downloaded (i.e. they don't grant write-only access to the bucket). Also make sure that you have adequate free disk space on your server for the operation to complete.

The Delete button will permanently delete the archives from the remote storage. There is no confirmation. Once you click this button, your remotely stored files will be removed.

Finally, if the remote storage engine supports this feature, there are links under the Download to your desktop header. Clicking on them will instruct your browser to download the respective backup archive's part directly to your PC. Currently, only Amazon S3, CloudFiles, Dropbox and remote FTP support this feature. Do note that the backup archives are transferred directly from the remote storage to your PC. They are not stored on your site's server. If you want to store them on your server, use the Fetch back to server button instead.

If none of the above options are available, the application will display an error message. In that case, just close the popup box.

After finishing your remote files administration, please close the modal dialog by clicking on the X button on its top-right corner and reload the Manage Backups page. Until you reload the page the changes you made will not be visible.