This documentation page is for Joomla! 3.x

This documentation page does not apply to our software versions for Joomla! 4.0 and later versions. If you are not using Joomla 3 please consult the documentation index to find and read the correct version of the documentation.

Akeeba Ticket System public tickets

Displayed in the Joomla! Plugin Manager as ATS InstantReply - Akeeba Ticket System public tickets

This plugin provides InstantReply answers by looking into already closed, public tickets filed in the same Akeeba Ticket System category as the one the new ticket is being filed.

Plugin Configuration

The plugin offers the following configuration parameters:

Maximum ticket age

When set to 0 all closed, public tickets in the same Akeeba Ticket System category will be searched when retrieving InstantReply answers. Depending on the phrasing of the new ticket's title, it's possible that the best matching reply will be a ticket that's many months or years old. Tickets that old may no longer be relevant and could confuse or frustrate users.

Setting this option to a non-zero value will limit the tickets being searched for InstantReply answers to public tickets which were closed at most this many days ago.

For example, setting this option to 30 will only search tickets closed the last month (30 days) when retrieving InstantReply answers.

According to our experience values between 60 and 180 work best for most software support purposes.

Category InstantReply options

The plugin does not provide any options in the InstantReply tab when editing an ATS Category.