These options modify the way Akeeba Ticket System's custom CRON URL works.

We strongly recommend using our integration with Joomla's CLI application (cli/joomla.php) instead of the CRON URL whenever possible. If you are only using aCLI-based CRON script you do not need to change any of the options here.

Secret Key

Enter a secret key that consists of letters a-z (without accents or diacritics) and numbers 0-9. Make sure it's at least 24 characters long. This key will need to be present in the CRON URL for it to work.

If unsure, you can use the password generator to create a truly random secret key.


Do not use special characters, such as those delivered by pressing SHIFT and the numbers keys at the top of a US layout keyboard (e.g. !, @, # and so on, especially the characters ?, & , % and =), Latin characters with diacretics (e.g. ü, ê, ø, ç, š, ł and so on), compound characters / ligatures (e.g. æ, ß, œ, fi and so on) or non-Latin characters (e.g. μ, Ш and so on). These characters would need to be URL–encoded to work; failing to do so could cause your CRON URL to not work.

CRON URL time limit

The execution of CRON commands using the CRON URL will be limited to approximately this many seconds. The default value, 10, is good enough for most sites. If you get server errors when accessing the CRON URL set this lower, e.g. 5. Anything below 3 is practically unusable.

Do note that the mailfetch command may take more than this many seconds. After retrieving all unread email it will process at least one email before checking the time limit. This might be longer than the time limit defined here and it's deliberate. Fetching email may take a few or several seconds. If the time limit was checked before processing at least one email and the time limit had already been reached while fetching email messages you'd end up never processing any email at all. This would make the new ticket by email and reply by email feature essentially non-functional.

Why not integrate with Joomla's Scheduled Tasks?

At the time we wrote Akeeba Ticket System 5.0 (November 2021) Joomla's Scheduled Tasks was still a feature proposed for inclusion in Joomla 4.1. However, it wasn't ready and we could not write an integration for it. We will work on integrating Joomla's Scheduled Tasks in Akeeba Ticket System after February 2022, when Joomla 4.1 is released.