URL for CRON jobs

This is an alternative method for scheduling Akeeba Ticket System CRON tasks on your site. Use it only if the CLI script method cannot be used on your site.

Initial configuration

Akeeba Ticket System protects the URL for CRON jobs with a password. This prevents unauthorized users from triggering CRON jobs on your site too frequently, something which could have unpredictable results or even bring your site down.

First go to Akeeba Ticket System in your site's administrator backend. Click on the Options button to view the Options page. Select the Automation tab.

Find the Secret Key option and enter a secret. Please only use lowercase letters a-z without accents or diacritics, numbers 0-9, dashes and underscores. Make this long, ideally over 24 characters. You can create a truly random secret key in the Random.org site.

This will be your SecretKey noted below.

Running CRON tasks through the URL

You can execute the CRON tasks with the following URL:


where https://www.example.com is the URL to your site, SecretKey is your secret key as explained above and CRONCommandName is the name of the CRON command you want to execute. Please consult the CRON Commands section of this documentation for a list of available CRON command names.


Akeeba Ticket System communicates the status of the CRON task execution through HTTP status code headers.

200 OK

The CRON task executed successfully

500 Internal Server Error

The CRON task failed to execute or Joomla crashed before the task executed


The command you specified was not found. Did you forget to publish the respective plugin?


You have not configured a Secret Key yet.


You have entered the wrong Secret Key. If your Secret Key contains any characters other than the ones we described above you need to URL encode it first.