Integration with Microsoft 365, Office 365 (or whatever Microsoft calls it this week)


This feature DOES NOT apply to free and paid (personal) / email accounts. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to allow you to use / email addresses with Akeeba Ticket System because of changes implemented by Microsoft in October 2022.

This feature DOES NOT apply to businesses hosting their own email in on-premises servers running Microsoft Exchange. Confusingly, Microsoft calls both their self-hosted and cloud email products “Exchange”. The self-hosted Exchange is a regular email server which can be accessed over IMAP or POP3. The Exchange cloud email service is a different beast which requires this special integration.


Starting October 2022 we introduced a new option for the mailbox type, called Microsoft Exchange / Microsoft 365 / Outlook. All of these refer to the exact same thing: the email service provided by Microsoft to the subscription product families Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 E3/E5/F3 and Microsoft 365 Education for Schools (as per the names used at the time of this writing: October 1st, 2022). This email service is called Exchange which is not to be confused with the product also called Microsoft Exchange which refers to the self-hosted email server and is typically accessed through the online service called Outlook which is not to be confused with the product also called Microsoft Outlook and which refers to the mobile or desktop email application. If this sounds insanely confusing blame Microsoft for using the same name for radically different, unrelated, and incompatible things — and not sticking with a name for more than 2 years.

OK, here's how to figure out if this feature is for you. Are you a business, enterprise or educational institution? Are you paying Microsoft for some Office and email? Do you have access to the online versions of Word and Excel in Can you read your business, enterprise, or school email through from the sidebar tab called Outlook OR through the domain Are you an administrator for that Microsoft subscription? If you answered Yes to everything: this is the feature you need to use to integrate Akeeba Ticket System with your business or school email.