Requirements and compatibility

Akeeba DocImport requires the following server-side configuration:

  • Joomla!™ and PHP version compatibilities are detailed in our Version Compatibility matrix.

  • MySQL 5.5 or later. Earlier database server versions will not be supported. Do note that earlier releases of MySQL are obsolete and not supported any more by Oracle (the company who controls the development of MySQL).

As far as the browser is concerned, you can use any modern version (i.e. published within the last year) of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome. We no longer support Internet Explorer; our software will display incorrectly or not work at all on this old, buggy and obsolete browser.

In any case, you must make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your browser for the administration interface to work. If you are using AVG Antivirus, please disable its Link Checker feature (and reboot your computer) as it is known to cause problems with several JavaScript-based web applications, including Akeeba Ticket System.

You are very strongly advised to disable or properly configure Internet firewalls, antivirus applications and browser extensions which interfere with the site's loading such as script blockers (such as NoScript) and ad blockers (such as AdBlockPlus) only for your site's domain to ensure that the administration interface (both in the backend and the frontend of the site, the latter if you are logged in as a ticket system staff member) is displayed correctly. Remember that these applications and browser extensions are designed to protect you against third party sites. As a result they are very aggressive and WILL break your own sites. We can't do anything about it: your computer and your browser are under your control alone.

Kindly note that our software is compatible with Joomla's caching. If you are using an external caching solution (such as LiteSpeed Cache, Varnish etc) or a CDN / third party service (such as CloudFlare) kindly note that we are not responsible if your site displays out of date information or otherwise misbehaves. Our responsibility ends at sending the correct HTTP headers to indicate that a page must not be cached and clearing Joomla's cache when information which can participate in a cached page is modified. What happens beyond that is objectively outside the scope of our software and into the configuration scope of the external caching / CDN / third party service you are using.