Server environment requirements

In order to work, Admin Tools requires the following server software environment:

  • WordPress and PHP version compatibilities are detailed in our Compatibility page. We only recommend using the latest WordPress version with an actively supported version of PHP.

  • MySQL 5.0.42 or later. MySQL 5.6 or later recommended. You can use compatible database servers, such as MariaDB 10.1 or later.

  • For the PHP File Change Scanner feature: Minimum 24MB of PHP memory_limit (sufficient only for smaller web sites, without many plug-ins and modules running). More is better. 32MB to 64MB recommended for optimal performance on large sites. 128MB is recommended for sites containing deep-nested directories with thousands of files.

  • The cURL PHP module must be installed for Admin Tools to be able to find and install updates.

As far as the browser is concerned, you can use any modern version (i.e. published within the last year) of Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, Firefox or Google Chrome. We no longer support Internet Explorer; our software will display incorrectly or not work at all on this old, buggy and obsolete browser.

In any case, you must make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your browser. If you are using AVG antivirus, please disable its Link Checker feature (and reboot your computer) as it is known to cause problems with several JavaScript-based web applications.

You are very strongly advised to disable Internet firewalls, antivirus applications and browser extensions which interfere with the site's loading such as script blockers (such as NoScript) and ad blockers (such as AdBlockPlus) only for the domains of your sites. Remember that these applications and browser extensions are designed to protect you against third party sites. As a result they are very aggressive and WILL break your own sites. We can't do anything about it: your computer and your browser are under your control alone.