How do I know that my backup archive works? What happens if I have a backup problem? How do I get support?

We also strongly recommend testing your backup files, at least the first time you produce a backup and whenever you make major changes/upgrades to your site. Testing the backup archives is trivial. Just download and install WAMPserver, XAMPP, MAMP or a similar package on your local PC to create a local testing server environment. Then try restoring your backup file on the local testing server environment.

Should you run into problems, you are welcome to first try reading our troubleshooter guide and/or documentation. Should you not find a solution in there, you can post to our support ticket system. However, support requests can only be posted to our forum by subscribers.

In order to get fast and accurate support, we will need:

  • A clear description of your problem. Saying "Um... it just doesn't work" is not a clear description. Tell us exactly what you were trying to do, at what exact operation it failed and any error messages which were output on the page. If you can get a screenshot of the error message that's even better!

  • Exact version of Akeeba Backup / Akeeba Solo. It's visible on the right-hand pane in Akeeba Backup's / Akeeba Solo's Control Panel page.

  • If you're using Akeeba Backup inside a CMS, we need Joomla! or WordPress version. It is best to tell us the exact version, for example 3.3.0 (good!) instead of 3 (completely unsuitable for providing accurate support) or 3.3 (almost there, but not quite).

  • Exact MySQL and PHP version.

    On Joomla!: From your Joomla! back-end go to Help, System Info and report the values in the Database Version and PHP Version rows. If your MySQL version is older than 5.0 or if your PHP version is less than 5.3.1 please do not ask for support. Instead, ask your host to update their severely outdated servers. Or just ask your host.

    On WordPress: You need a third party plugin. Or just ask your host.

    For Akeeba Solo: just ask your host.

  • A copy of the debug log taken with log level set to All Information and Debug when the problem happened. You can download a copy of the log from within the View Log page. Do not copy and paste directly from the log viewer, this will not help us. Please use the download button above the box. If you copy & paste the log we will tell you to download, ZIP and attach the raw log file to your post anyway. If it doesn't work for you (for example, you get an empty file), the log is available inside the configured output directory, named akeeba.backend.log. Since our ticket system rejects certain file extensions, zip it before attaching it. If the ZIPped log is over 2Mb please upload it somewhere public (e.g. your site,, etc) and paste us a link to it.

  • If you are writing about an error related to the restoration process do not forget to tell us how you extracted the archive file, i.e. using Kickstart or using Akeeba eXtract Wizard. Also inform us about the method you used to download the backup file to your PC - if applicable - and the method you used to upload the backup file to your host, for example "I used FTP in Binary mode", "I just clicked on the Download button and ignored the warning box". Remember to mention the exact version of Kickstart you are using; it's printed with very big letters on the top of Kickstart's page.

    Finally, do not tell us that "Kickstart x.y.z stuck in the database restoration page" because such a thing is impossible. Kickstart extracts the archive. Then it launches ANGIE, the restoration script included in your archive. It's ANGIE restoring the database. Since ANGIE is in the archive, we need to know which version of Akeeba Backup / Akeeba Solo produced the archive. The Kickstart version is completely irrelevant in this case.

The more information you provide the faster and more accurate a response you'll get. In any case, please tell us the symptoms. Do not attempt to find an explanation yourself and present that explanation as the problem you experience, it will simply result in mutual frustration and a really bad support experience. You just have to give us the facts, let us make the diagnosis and provide a fix. Thank you!