The JSON/JSON5 file format

The JSON/JSON5 format is a more modern format, support for which was added in UNiTE 5.

    "remote": {
        "host": "http:\/\/",
        "secret": "test",
        "component": "com_akeeba",
        "endpoint": "index.php",
        "legacy": false,
        "view": "api",
        "verb": "GET",
        "format": "raw",
        "profile": 1,
        "downloadmode": "http",
        "dlurl": "ftp:\/\/user:[email protected]\/administrator\/components\/com_akeeba\/backups",
        "delete": true
    "s3": {
        "accesskey": "ABCDEF",
        "secretkey": "123456",
        "bucket": "mybucket",
        "ssl": true,
        "filename": "path\/to\/site-backup.jpa",
        "endpoint": "",
        "region": "us-east-1",
        "signature": "v4"
    "siteInfo": {
        "package": "",
        "packageFrom": "remote",
        "deletePackage": false,
        "localLog": "test.log",
        "emailSysop": false,
        "name": "My Shiny Restored Site",
        "descr": "",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "absolutepath": "\/Users\/nicholas\/Sites\/restored",
        "livesite": "http:\/\/",
        "ftphost": "",
        "ftpport": 21,
        "ftpuser": "",
        "ftppass": "",
        "ftpdir": "",
        "adminID": 123,
        "adminUser": "admin",
        "adminEmail": "[email protected]",
        "adminPassword": "yourPassword",
        "jpspassword": "yourpassword",
        "offsitedirs": [],
        "siteurl": "",
        "homeurl": "http:\/\/",
        "replacedata": [],
        "sites": [],
        "adminurl": "",
        "mailonline": true,
        "removephpini": false,
        "replacehtaccess": false,
        "replacewebconfig": false,
        "removehtpasswd": false
    "databaseInfo": {
        "site": {
            "dbdriver": "mysqli",
            "dbhost": "",
            "dbuser": "mydbuser",
            "dbpass": "password",
            "dbname": "example",
            "dbprefix": "exmp_",
            "existing": "drop",
            "foreignkey": true,
            "noautovalue": true,
            "replace": false,
            "utf8db": false,
            "utf8tables": false,
            "utf8mb4": false,
            "ignoreCreateErrors": false,
            "ignoreInsertErrors": false,
            "dbport": "",
            "dbsocket": "",
            "dbencryption": false,
            "dbsslcipher": "AES128-GCM-SHA256:AES256-GCM-SHA384:AES128-CBC-SHA256:AES256-CBC-SHA384:DES-CBC3-SHA",
            "dbsslca": "",
            "dbsslkey": "",
            "dbsslcert": "",
            "dbsslverifyservercert": false,
            "tables": []
    "extrafiles": [
            "to": "",
            "file": ""
    "extrasql": [
            "db": "joomla",
            "file": "test.sql"
    "postrun": {
        "emailto": "[email protected]",
        "emailsubject": "Restoration complete",
        "emailbody": "Email body"

Please note that if you are NOT using one of the optional sections you should NOT include it in your JSON file.

The remote section

Required: No; this section is optional

Scope: This section tells UNiTE to run a remote site backup and download the backup archive. It is only required when you want to clone a site based on a freshly taken backup, e.g. when transferring a staging site to a live site. This works exactly the same as our Akeeba Remote CLI software. Please consult Remote CLI's documentation on the necessary setup required on your site to enable remote backups.

Options reference for the remote section.