postrun - Actions to perform after the restoration is complete

The configuration keys are:


The email address to send the e-mail to. This is your restored site's administrator e-mail address. It may be different than the e-mail address specified for the Super Admin user of the restored site.


The subject line of the email message.


The contents (body) of the email to be sent to the client. Do not use HTML. UNiTE only supports sending plain text messages. You are advised to wrap the lines at 78 characters, as per the RFC specifications. Some (typically older) email clients may get confused when met with longer lines, causing the email to not appear correctly or at all!

If you are using XML files please use <![CDATA[ and ]]> to wrap the text in the tag. Without them, the pre–formatted nature of the email text will be ignored and line brakes may occur at seemingly random places, the message may be cut off, or the installation may fail completely.