The YAML file format

The YAML format, support for which was added in UNiTE 5, is a much easier to use data description language format. Much less verbose than either JSON or XML, it is very commonly used by automation software such as Ansible.

Here's what a YAML file for UNiTE mich look like:

  host: ''
  secret: test
  component: com_akeeba
  endpoint: index.php
  legacy: false
  view: api
  verb: GET
  format: raw
  profile: 1
  downloadmode: http
  dlurl: 'ftp://user:[email protected]/administrator/components/com_akeeba/backups'
  delete: true
  accesskey: ABCDEF
  secretkey: '123456'
  bucket: mybucket
  ssl: true
  filename: path/to/site-backup.jpa
  region: us-east-1
  signature: v4
  package: ''
  packageFrom: remote
  deletePackage: false
  localLog: test.log
  emailSysop: false
  name: 'My Shiny Restored Site'
  descr: ''
  email: [email protected]
  absolutepath: /Users/nicholas/Sites/restored
  livesite: ''
  ftphost: ''
  ftpport: 21
  ftpuser: ''
  ftppass: ''
  ftpdir: ''
  adminID: 123
  adminUser: admin
  adminEmail: [email protected]
  adminPassword: yourPassword
  jpspassword: yourpassword
  offsitedirs: {  }
  siteurl: ''
  homeurl: ''
  replacedata: {  }
  sites: {  }
  adminurl: ''
  mailonline: true
  removephpini: false
  replacehtaccess: false
  replacewebconfig: false
  removehtpasswd: false
    dbdriver: mysqli
    dbuser: mydbuser
    dbpass: password
    dbname: example
    dbprefix: exmp_
    existing: drop
    foreignkey: true
    noautovalue: true
    replace: false
    utf8db: false
    utf8tables: false
    utf8mb4: false
    ignoreCreateErrors: false
    ignoreInsertErrors: false
    dbport: ''
    dbsocket: ''
    dbencryption: false
    dbsslcipher: 'AES128-GCM-SHA256:AES256-GCM-SHA384:AES128-CBC-SHA256:AES256-CBC-SHA384:DES-CBC3-SHA'
    dbsslca: ''
    dbsslkey: ''
    dbsslcert: ''
    dbsslverifyservercert: false
    tables: {  }
    to: ''
    db: joomla
    file: test.sql
  emailto: [email protected]
  emailsubject: 'Restoration complete'
  emailbody: "Email body"

The remote section

Required: No; this section is optional

Scope: This section tells UNiTE to run a remote site backup and download the backup archive. It is only required when you want to clone a site based on a freshly taken backup, e.g. when transferring a staging site to a live site. This works exactly the same as our Akeeba Remote CLI software. Please consult Remote CLI's documentation on the necessary setup required on your site to enable remote backups.

Options reference for the remote section.