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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 8.0.3 Stable

Released on: 2021-03-22 07:30 CDT

What's new

Rewritten installer plugin. The installer plugin is now using direct database queries instead of going through our backend framework (FOF). This will prevent any issues in future framework updates.

Converted all tables to InnoDB for better performance. The database tables are now created using the InnoDB database engine. This wasn't possible before, when we were still supporting older Joomla versions which did not have that requirement. InnoDB is a much faster database table than MyISAM, the previous default, leading to better performance during database heavy operations. Your existing tables will be updated during installation or when you visit the backend control panel page of the component.

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.

Joomla! and PHP versions supported

Please consult our Compatibility page. It explains our version support policy and lists which versions of our software are compatible with which versions of Joomla and PHP.


Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] Backup on Update message shown to non-Super Users
  • [HIGH] Cannot take split archive backups under PHP 8
  • [HIGH] Latest backup restoration backend menu item didn't work
  • [LOW] Annoying error message, without any real consequence, shown when clicking any feature button before checking the output folder security has completed in the background

Miscellaneous changes

  • Converted all tables to InnoDB for better performance
  • Rewritten installer plugin