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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 8.0.6 Stable

Released on: 2021-05-24 10:50 CDT

What's new

Encrypted settings could not be read. A inverted logic in 8.0.5 meant that if you had encrypted settings they could not be read. You would see a prompt to run the Configuration Wizard and your settings were seemingly lost. As long as you did NOT run the Configuration Wizard or tried to save the Configuration page installing Akeeba Backup 8.0.6 will address this issue automatically.

Removed Upload to pCloud. We have removed the “Upload to pCloud” feature. It was impossible to authenticate accounts using Two Factor Authentication due to an issue on their end. A request about that was never replied to. Furthermore, using its end to end encrypted “Crypto” folder was impossible with their published API, essentially denying usage of its main selling point to third party software. Given these constraints we considered the integration to not meet our quality criteria and had no option but to remove it.

Only show failed backups' log files in ALICE. We've always documented that ALICE should only be used with failed backups. If you were to use it with successful backups it would produce invalid results because it starts with the assumption that your backup has a problem. Unfortunately, many people ignored that documented warning and ran ALICE against the log files of successful backups. This was frustrating for them and for us who had to spend time repeating our documentation. We have now addressed this problem by only showing you the log files of backup attempts which are definitively failed.

Stealth Mode support in integrated restoration. Using the integrated restoration to restore a backup without using the ANGIE Password feature could lead to your site's visitors viewing the restoration interface which can be confusing or even problematic (the restoration interface displays your database connectio information). Kickstart has had the Stealth Mode feature since 2008 to work around. We are now bringing it to the integrated restoration as well.

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.

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Critical bugs and important changes

  • Encrypted settings could not be read