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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 3.1.1 Stable

Released on: 2010-10-30 19:00 CDT
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This is a brief list of changes between Akeeba Backup 3.1.1 and the previous release, 3.1 Stable.


  • Updated integrated restoration engine (Pro release), fixing some bugs on servers using open_basedir restrictions and some minor bugs on some servers when using the FTP mode.

  • Marked all AJAX return documents as "text/plain" to avoid them being corrupt by antivirus/firewall software

  • Added warning for AVG antivirus on backup . Important! You must disable AVG's Link Checker feature for Akeeba Backup to work at all.

  • Width of the fields in Parameters fixed to avoid horizontal scrolling

  • Removed the redundant top left RSS banner from the Control Panel

New features

  • Added [YEAR], [MONTH] and [DAY] variables for use in archive filenames

  • Single package installation & upgrade for Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6

  • Automatically change media/com_akeeba permissions to make sure the Javascript and media will load , making installation and taking your first backup much easier on some server environments.

  • Automatically remove old "obsolete" records (limit of configured by user)

  • Added [WEEK], [WEEKDAY] variables for the description, directory names and filenames

  • Front-end email now includes the profile number and the list of file names

  • ABI: Database restoration now uses time limits instead of the arcane query and size limits

  • ZIPNative archiver engine, using PHP's ZipArchive library

Bug fixes

  • SECURITY: Minimum access level would have no effect

  • Fatal errors under some circumstances due to misdetection of Joomla! 1.6

  • 3.1 wouldn't run on Joomla! 1.6

  • Notice thrown by the installation script

  • The JSON API backup function was broken

  • Warnings from archiver engines would appear as empty strings in the log

  • Backup records having the same filename would all appear as "OK", when only the latest should be OK and the other should be Obsolete

  • Fixed AES-128 in CBC encryption mode bugs in the JSON API model

  • Password fields were rendered as plain text edit boxes; changed them to proper type

  • Dumping database tables with millions of rows could fail due to lack of SQL_BIG_SELECTS support in the native MySQL dump engine

  • Invisible notice thrown in Files & Directories Exclusion

  • Akeeba Backup would crash when Nooku Content is installed due to a collision with how NC's Database proxy works

  • An inexistent CSS was attempted to be loaded in Akeeba Backup Professional