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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 3.3.4 Stable

Released on: 2011-09-12 06:35 CDT

This is the list of changes since the previous release, 3.3.3

Added features

  • Explanatory text regarding archive restoration in the Core release, when you visit the Administer Backup Files page

  • Improved message in the case of an error which will help you solve the issue yourself

  • ACL checks in the backup status administrator module

  • Row-level filtering is now possible (by creating a PHP filter file)

  • ABI is now self-documenting; no excuses for not reading the fine manual any more!

  • Added warning about UNC paths when used as the site's root, since PHP is very often buggy with respect to UNC paths

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Modified the success message after taking a System Restore Point, backing up before upgrading Joomla! or otherwise take a backup as part of an automated process with a return URL

  • backup.php now returns exit code 1 if there were warnings or 2 if the backup failed on an error

  • Changed Akeeba Backup's installation page to better lead you to your next steps.

  • Renamed jquery.js to akeebajq.js due to some system plugins removing all instances of jquery.js from the page source (whichever idiot wrote them!)

  • Renamed jquery-ui.js to akeebajqui.js due to some system plugins removing all instances of jquery-ui.js from the page source (whichever idiot wrote them!)

  • Updated SRP definitions for Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, Akeeba Subscriptions and Akeeba Release System

Bug fixes

  • tmp directory would not be cleaned up after extensions installation when SRP is used

  • The Configuration page would not render on IE7, IE8 and IE9 (the latter only when using Compatibility mode)

  • Backup age quotas caused the backup finalization to crash on PHP 5.2

  • --quiet option added to backup.phpto suppress output except warnings and errors

  • When using a developer's release, Live Update would always report that a newer version is available

  • When a Windows server is using a UNC path for the site's root, the backup always failed

  • When jQuery wasn't loaded, the message urged you to use Google AJAX API, which is no longer an option.

  • ABI: Would always report that the storage isn't working when the session save path is unwritable but ABI could create a storage file to store session information.

  • Quotas would delete the most recent files, not the oldest files