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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 3.3.a1 Alpha

Released on: 2011-05-31 10:29 CDT


+ DirectSFTP engine, allows directly transferring your site to a remote SFTP server (Professional version only)
+ Alternate directory scanning method, working around some servers not listing all files, leading to missing files from the backups
+ Site Transfer Wizard so that you can easily transfer your sites between hosts
+ web.config file in the backup output directory to prevent direct web access to the directory on IIS-based hosts
+ System Restore Points before extension upgrades for that extra peace of mind
+ Akeeba Backup now uninstalls its modules and plugins when you uninstall the component
+ Add warning for low memory limit
+ Optional storage of temporary data to the database instead of files
+ One click update emails to Super Administrators
# RackSpace CloudFiles: Did not support UK-based accounts; added an option for that (thanks Dean!)
# Restoring an 1.6 site results to configuration.php artifacts
# Live site URL not stored in component configuration
# JS/CSS files out of date after upgrade, due to browser caching
# Using HTTPS with cURL fails on some servers
# Amazon S3: Automatically remove / from the bucket name
# Amazon S3: Do not lowercase the bucket name
# Live Update doesn't work on hosts with open_basedir restrictions
# Can not backup a site on some broken hosts which report an empty string as the site's root and do not parse relative directories correctly