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Akeeba Backup for Joomla! 3.6.2 Stable

Released on: 2012-08-18 07:14 CDT


~ Make it abundantly clear to PHP 5.2 users that they are using an outdated PHP version, without the option to turn off the huge, blinding message (sorry for that, folks, but your PHP version is already end-of-life for the last 18 months).
~ Improve styling of the Configuration page
# [LOW] warning in lines 48 and 248 of the mod_akadmin module
# [LOW] Fatal error in command-line CRON script when the email to administrator fails
# [LOW] The restoration script would always display in English
# [MEDIUM] Integrated restoration would fail with a Javascript error
# [MEDIUM] Copying the Dropbox tokens wouldn't work as we were missing the necessary User ID