Akeeba Ticket System

Akeeba Ticket System

version 3.4.2 Stable

Released on: Tuesday, 14 July 2020 03:45

Release Notes

What's new?

Minimum requirements raised to PHP 7.1, Joomla 3.9. In an effort to support the upcoming Joomla 4.0 we had to do major and far-reaching changes to our software. Some of the necessary changes were impossible while supporting older PHP versions such as 5.6 and 7.0 – versions of PHP which have been end of life for well over a year. As noted, we consider versions of PHP which went EOL over six months ago to be good candidates for removal. Further to that, our usage statistics show that less than 5% of total sites and less than 0.5% of current Joomla version sites use them, therefore we decided to drop support. On a similar note, Joomla versions lower than or equal to 3.8 represent less than 2% of the Joomla sites of our users so we decided to drop support for them to make it possible to prepare our software for Joomla 4.

Removed the BBcode editor. All tickets are now filed and replied to using Joomla's WYSIWYG editor. The BBcode editor was effectively no longer maintained. It was not responsive, causing all sorts of weird issues when viewing the ticket system on a smaller display, e.g. a phone. It was also based on jQuery, support for which is slowly being deprecated in Joomla. Finally, it really didn't make sense anymore to use HTML for tickets filed by email and BBcode for tickets filed over the web.

Removed the AJAX posting feature, was only compatible with the BBcode editor. This is actually a limitation of Joomla and how it expects its WYSIWYG editors to work. It's not possible to reset the state of the WYSIWYG editor, nor is it possible to retrieve a fresh WYSIWYG through an AJAX request because their operation is tied to data being loaded to the document. Making the AJAX posting work with the WYSIWYG editor would essentially require replacing the entire page. Of course that's exactly what a normal POST request does, the latter being infinitely easier to implement. So we removed the AJAX posting feature entirely.

Button plugin for Canned Replies, replacing the built-in button previously used. In previous versions you could only access Canned Replies when using the BBcode editor, using a special button rendered in its toolbar. This was wrong because it denied a feature to those of you using Joomla's WYSIWYG editor. It was the only way due to the very different way the BBcode editor and Joomla's WYSIWYG editors worked. Now that we removed the BBcode editor we can finally ship an editors-xtd (editor button) plugin which lets you insert canned replies to your ticket replies.

Load all JavaScript and CSS minified and versioned. This helps towards making the ticket system faster.

Joomla 4 improvements. We are working full steam on implementing support for the upcoming Joomla version 4. We addressed a number of bugs related to Joomla 4 support. Our software now works fine with Joomla 4 Beta 1.

Bug fixes and minor improvements. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG below.

Joomla! versions supported

We only officially support using our software with the latest Joomla! release branch, 3.9. We strongly advise you to run the latest available version of Joomla! for security reasons. Older versions of Joomla! have known major security issues which are being actively exploited to hack sites.

Our software should run on Joomla 4.0 which is currently in Beta. Please note that Joomla 4 is not stable yet. It should not be used on production sites. Some breakage is expected; we are working on fixing issues on Joomla 4 but it may take a while since it's still changing, albeit not at the rate it was changing pre-Beta.

PHP versions supported

We only officially support using our software with PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 or 7.4. We strongly advise you to run the latest available version of PHP on a branch currently maintained by the PHP project for security reasons. Older versions of PHP have known major security issues which are being actively exploited to hack sites and they have stopped receiving security updates, leaving you exposed to these issues.

Please note that earlier PHP versions including but not limited to PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 are no longer supported and our software no longer works on them.


Bug fixes

  • [LOW] Auto-submitting dropdowns would sometimes not fire correctly e.g. on Safari
  • [LOW] Fixed Reply by Email feature when attachments were not valid
  • [LOW] Fixed changing the Ticket status
  • [LOW] Fixed changing user while creating a new ticket on user's behalf
  • [LOW] In some rare cases, Custom Ticket Status indexes were not displayed correctly
  • [LOW] Routing broken for My Tickets view, making menu items pointing to it inaccessible.
  • [LOW] The Automation page label under the Setup meny was incorrectly displayed as SchedulingInfo
  • [LOW] Time Cards graph was not working
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed fatal errors happening in some conditions during the execution of CLI scripts
  • [MEDIUM] Fixed replying by email to an existing ticket
  • [MEDIUM] Use the correct certificate file while fetching emails from remote server

Miscellaneous changes

  • Load Twemoji JavaScript defered for best performance
  • Load all CSS minified and versioned
  • Load all JavaScript minified and versioned
  • Reply by Email: Removed option "Validate certificate"

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