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FOF 2.x 2.3.1 Stable

Released on: 2014-06-10 01:43 CDT

FOF is now developed outside Joomla!

After a brief stint of being the elected Joomla! RAD Layer and trying to be developed in tandem with Joomla! (even though the FOF develoeprs were never given ahead warning of the merge window closing, making this nigh impossible), FOF is now being developed separately from Joomla!. In order to avoid naming clashes we have changed the prefix of all FOF classes from FOF to F0F (F-zero-F). Moreover, the installation path changed from JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/fof' to JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/f0f' (again: that's f-zero-f). The same goes for the FOF_INCLUDED constant which is now called F0F_INCLUDED (again: that's f-zero-f). If you want to use this new version please remember to change these instances from FOF to F0F.

Tips and important notes regarding backwards compatibility:

  • The fof.xml file has not changed its name. It's still called fof.xml.
  • You must install FOF with your extension as described in the documentation (deprecated) or using F0FUtilsInstallscript (recommended).
  • You must instruct your users that all their template overrides need to be revised. They need to replace FOF (capital f-oh-f) to F0F (capital f-zero-f). Alternatively, they can put require_once JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/fof/include.php'; require_once JPATH_LIBRARIES . '/f0f/include.php'; at the top of their template overrides to load both versions: FOF 2.2.x (f-oh-f prefix) included in Joomla! 3.2 or later and FOF 2.3.x (f-zero-f prefix). Thanks to our strong backwards compatibility this is bound to work.
  • The same trick can be applied for maintaining forward compatibility in third party integrations with your components. Even if a developer uses FOFModel::getInstance to get a model object from a class which now extends F0FModel (FOF 2.3.x) it will work, as long as the double require_once is present in their code.


Bug fixes

  • [MEDIUM] F0FEncryptTotp::checkCode was broken

New features

  • Tooltip support for F0FForm fieldsets
  • source_format="optionsobject" support for F0FFormFieldList

Miscellaneous changes

  • Allow F0FModel::getForm to load multiple forms by passing it a different $source parameter
  • Compatibility with braindead admin templates which FORCE format=utf (the heck...?) in the URL
  • Only show ordering input fields and save button when rows are ordered by ordering (Joomla! 3)
  • Refactored F0F renderers

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