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FOF 2.x 2.4.0 Stable

Released on: 2014-11-18 05:20 CST


Bug fixes

  • [HIGH] F0FTableNested::getParent would return the wrong node (fbe927973b5ef7cbd43b7b87df4b99f93962daba)
  • [LOW] Warnings in F0FTable when a table doesn't exist or has no fields
  • [LOW] Warnings in F0FTableNested when trying to move to the right/left of a node which is already the rightmost/leftmost node respectively
  • [LOW] gh-408 Notice in F0FTableNested::copy
  • [MEDIUM] gh-402 The tpl= query parameter could not be possibly made to work without copying & pasting the entire display() method
  • [MEDIUM] gh-405 gh-406 gh-416 gh-419 Bug in F0FToolbar didn't allow toolbar configuration with fof.xml

New features

  • F0FDownload class for simple and staggered file downloads
  • F0FTimer class implements a runtime timer, useful to prevent long-running operations from timing out
  • Installation integrity check library (F0FUtilsFilescheck)
  • Support for custom default tasks in XML edit forms
  • Support for multiple fieldsets per tab in tabbed XML forms
  • gh-400 gh-401 "range", "modulo" and "emptynonzero" filters in F0FModel
  • gh-407 Added inner fieldset on tabbed form
  • gh-410 "Filterable" header form field
  • gh-411 gh-415 "relation" form field
  • gh-418 Form fields, button: added title attribute (used for tooltip)
  • gh-418 Form fields, checkboxes: new fields based on Joomla checkboxes
  • gh-418 Form fields, groupedbutton: we need to htmlentities or it will crash the XML parsing (if we add a link for example)
  • gh-418 Form fields, list & model: refactorized parseFieldTags, allow to add new tag w/o rewritting getRepeatable
  • gh-418 Form fields, ordering: added icon and class attribute, allow to use on non-bootstrap 2.3 templates

Release files

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