Official Releases

Akeeba Release System

version 2.0.8 Stable

Released on: Monday, 24 December 2012 06:02

Release Notes

Highlights of this release

This release enables a hidden feature of ARS: its JSON API which allows remote access and manipulation of the repository. You can list, create, edit and delete categories, releases and items using a simple JSON API. At this point in time there is only one experimental implementation which we are using to push out new releases of our own software on our own site. As sson as we consider stable enough we're going to share it with you, allowing the developer among you to benefit from the same rapid release tools we are using ourselves.

Apart from that, this version includes two significant bug fixes. The first is a router regression which broke some SEF URLs. The other one is a long standing bug which prevented pagination in the Category and Release front-end views from working. We'd like to thank the users who reported those issues and helped us test the bug fixes.


Bug fixes

  • [MEDIUM] Pagination limits (items per list) in Category and Release views were broken

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