Official Releases

Akeeba Release System

version 1.1.2 Stable

Released on: Thursday, 26 April 2012 10:34

Release Notes

Bug fixes


  • Visual groups sorting didn't work in the front-end
  • extensionset XML had the wrong types (thanks Peter)
  • Different versions of Joomla! handle client_id and client tags in update streams differently (thanks Peter)
  • Files always uploaded to category's root, not the intended subdirectory (thanks Peter)
  • Would not list S3 bucket contents
  • Could not create S3 subdirectories
  • Could not upload files to S3
  • Thee listing of S3 files and folders in subdirectories is prefixed with the directory's name
  • Could not delete files from S3
  • Layout issue in Items view
  • The SHA1 and MD5 hashes were not made available in the update INI format, making it impossible to use them in custom implementations
  • A new Bleeding Edge item was attempted to be created every single time a Bleeding Edge category was being accessed

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