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Akeeba Release System

version 2.0.6 Stable

Released on: Saturday, 20 October 2012 08:11

Release Notes


+ Add context to the content preparation (com_ars.category_description, com_ars.release_description, com_ars.release_notes and com_ars.item_description), allowing developers to create custom content plugins which fire only when processing messages to be displayed in ARS
+ DirectLink allows users to easily download files without having to log in to your site first.
+ Control whether BleedingEdge should create and format changelogs automatically
~ Improved page title and metadata handling
# [MEDIUM] Page options not respected in drill-down views (thank you Nikolai!)
# [MEDIUM] When using PayPlans you had to necessarily select a plan for a category, release or item
# [MEDIUM] When using PayPlans you could select only one plan for a category, release or item
# [LOW] Sometimes the interface renders strangely (e.g. when a plugin sets format="")

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