Official Releases

FOF 2.x

version 2.1.1 Stable

Released on: Saturday, 14 December 2013 05:40

Release Notes


Bug fixes

  • FOFModel->name mistakenly contained the component name instead of the model name
  • FOFTable will throw an exception if we’re trying to get the assetName without a value for the primary key
  • Fixed FOFTable::check in order to ignore the `hits` field while doing autochecks
  • Fixed FOFTable::getData, only table fields are returned
  • Fixed FOFTable::hit
  • Fixed FOFTable::toCSV, only table fields are returned; plus null fields are returned as empty string
  • Fixed table asset behavior, now you can delete a record even if there is no asset
  • Itemid not respected in the front-end of the site, leading to display and functional issues
  • gh-208 Title toolbar not shown in frontend
  • gh-212 Wrong asset_id (0) saved in table after creating a new item
  • gh-214 Wrong ACL permissions saved when using the rules field type
  • gh-217 Now using the correct ACL privilege (core.create, core.edit, core.edit.own) when creating or modifying an item
  • gh-217 Save toolbar button shows up even when you can't edit an item
  • gh-219 The "rule" field assigns a bad asset parent node, making it impossible to work with a newly created asset-tracked item unless you are Super User
  • gh-222 Fixed toolbar "save" button on record with asset tracking
  • gh-225 Toolbar and View now will honor core.edit.own permission, too
  • gh-230 Fatal error on time format if the JavaScript time format is used.
  • gh-231 FOFModel::getHash would return a wrong hash with temp model instances
  • gh-235 Wrong pluralisation / singularilisation by the inflector is specific few cases (also vastly improved Unit Tests for the Inflector)

Miscellaneous changes

  • Removed usages of deprecated view methods `assign` and `assignRef`
  • Using native version_compare function instead of the FOFPlatform proxy one
  • gh-211 Automatically creates a row-fluid element under joomla 2.5

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