31 January 2011 Last updated on 16 January 2012

We just launched a short survey and give a coupon code to all participants.

User feedback is of paramount importance here at AkeebaBackup.com. If you've been using our software long enough you already know that most of features and products are shaped by the needs of our users. We also believe in continuous improvement of our software and services. We strongly believe that perfection is not a steady state. Nobody can achieve it unless they keep improving.

To this end, we have created our first ever user survey! It's a small one; just four pages with a total of just over thirty questions, half of them optional. If you can spare 5-10 minutes of your time you can help us big time! The survey will be open for your votes throughout February, 2011. The results of the survey will be published here in mid-March and will shape the future direction of our software and services. We know that your time is precious. That's why we decided that if you complete the survey we'll immediately give you a 20% discount coupon code. Fair enough?

You can complete the survey by filling it in the embedded form just below this text, or visiting the form page directly.

Thanking you in advance for your valuable feedback,

Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Lead Developer and Owner, AkeebaBackup.com

DISCLAIMER: All information submitted in the survey is strictly confidential. AkeebaBackup.com will not lease, sell or otherwise share the information you provide with any third party. AkeebaBackup.com reserves the right to publish aggregate information or anonymous results from statistical processing of the information you provide. AkeebaBackup.com reserves the right to contact you for follow-up questions if you so indicate by providing your email address in the optional field on the last page of the survey. AkeebaBackup.com reserves the right to withdraw the survey or the special offer at any time on its own discretion and without prior notice. The coupon code is part of a promotional offer and can not be exchanged for cash, extension of an existing subscription, or any other means, goods or services whatsoever. Participant to the survey implicitly confirm that they are 18 years or older of age or that they have the express and irrevocable consent from their parent or legal guardian. According to Greek law and EU directives you may contact us at any time and request a copy the information we have collected from you and/or request its removal from our database. In order to do so, please make sure that you mention the exact time and date of your survey submission, or the contact email address you provided in the last page (if you provided one).