11 May 2011 Last updated on 16 January 2012

The JaB11 joke came to reality: AkeebaBackup.com's merchandise store is on-line!

It all began as a joke during the J and Beyond 2011 international Joomla! conference. I was dressed in Akeeba Backup t-shirts with a matching hat and zip hoodie. People would walk over to me and ask me where they could get accessories like that. When I told them I would open a store they became, um, interested. As soon as I won three J.O.S.C.A.R. awards, more people would ask me how to get their hands on wearables like that. I have to admit, I felt like a movie star when that happened Laughing

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the AkeebaBackup.com merchandise store is now on-line, no jokes, and it's powered by Zazzle - that's the same company Mozilla uses to sell their merchandise. In there you will find all of our official merchandise. They are really looking good, despite the fact that I am not a designer. OK, you'll be the judge of that and I'm very open to suggestions, as always. Wear them and show your love and appreciation to the software which watches your six and saves your bacon whenever something goes really awry with your site!

If you want to take a look at the store's merch, take a look at this sparkling Flash-powered cartwheel presentation. You can even click on your favourite merch to buy it directly! Unless you have an iPhone, iPad, or another Flash-deprived device, in which case you can just go straight to the shop itself.


Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Lead Developer, AkeebaBackup.com