22 February 2024 Last updated on 18 August 2013

Dear all,

We have restructured our prices and offerings with effective date August 18th, 2013.

Price changes

The price of Akeeba Subscriptions has been increased to 120 Euros per year. At the same time Akeeba Ticket System's price dropped to 40 Euros per year. The two bundle subscriptions which contain these two components (COMMERCE and DELUXE) have had their prices adjusted accordingly.

The price change for Akeeba Subscriptions was a necessary step for us to continue developing this component. We launched Akeeba Subscriptions Professional at a very low price of 40 Euros per year. Within less than three months we reached a point where developing and supporting this component consumes 80% of our time whereas it contributes 15% to our income, making us a net loss of several thousand Euros per month – on top of the development expenses over the last two years when the component was made available free of charge. At this point the component has become non-sustainable and we had to make a very tough decision: discontinue it or increase its price.

Service changes

The Akeeba UNiTE automated restoration script, previously available only to DELUXE subscribers, is now included in the AKEEBABACKUP and ESSENTIALS subscriptions. The requirement to purchase our most expensive subscription to get access to it was considered unnecessary.

Akeeba Subscriptions Core (the free version) will only ship with a very small selection of payment processor and integration plugins. Users who want to use the extra integrations are kindly requested to upgrade to Akeeba Subscriptions Professional. The free version still continues to be a feature-rich entry level subscription component for small businesses to get started, as it was intended to be.

Creation of custom payment plugins is no longer free for subscribers and no longer offered for a cheap rate. Users wishing us to create a custom payment module will have to bear the full cost of its creation. Please note that you should still contact us at least two months in advance to allow us to fit this in our development schedule. Also note that we normally need two months since the day you give us access to the API of your payment processor and/or make a downpayment (whichever comes last). Rush development is not guaranteed and is subject to a surcharge.


We thank you for your understanding and your continued support.