27 December 2013

On December 25th, 2013 we published the new version of our site. We are now using the state-of-the-art Joomla! 3.2 CMS release. Due to the advanced security features in Joomla! 3.2, your Download IDs are being updated, affecting your ability to upgrade. Please read on for more information.

Changes in Download IDs

Our new site is now using Joomla! 3.2. This version of Joomla! is now using a more secure method to store your passwords in our database. Simply put, even if someone would take a copy of our passwords database it would take them hundreds of years to crack the passwords. With the previous password storage scheme used in all Joomla! versions, from 1.0 up to and including 3.1, 50% of your passwords could be cracked in less than 6 hours on an underpowered, old computer. Yes, we tried that, we were flabbergasted by the results and this prompted us to update to the new Joomla! version sooner than originally planned.

When you log in to our site for the first time your password is stored again using the new password scheme. The drawback is that this automatically changes your Download ID: the Download ID changes every time you change or reset your password and, technically, what happens behind the scenes is that Joomla! "changes" your password. As a result you will NOT be able to update our software unless you change the Download ID in all of your sites and click on the Refresh Update Information button afterwards.

For detailed instructions please click on My, Instructions from the top of our site's page. You will find detailed instructions for changing the Download ID in each of our software. Please follow these instructions to the letter on each one of your sites. If you fail to do so you will most likely get the error message "JInstaller: Install: Cannot find XML setup file" when trying to update. If this happens, please do follow the instructions on entering the Download ID to the letter, remembering to also click on the Refresh update information button on each software after entering the new Download ID.

Password resets / inability to log in to our site or update our software

Due to the way Download IDs work and the way Joomla! handles transparent password updates it is possible that you will be unable to perform an update or log in to our site after you have tried updating one of our software on one of your sites. In this case please use the password reset feature on our site to regain access. Do note that by doing so your Download ID will change, as noted in the previous paragraphs.