01 October 2014 Last updated on 01 October 2014

Admin Tools 3.2.x causes a blank page on Joomla! 2.5. You need to remove the plugins/system/admintools directory and install Admin Tools 3.1.1 to fix this issue. For more information read on.

What happened?

Yesterday, September 30th 2014, we released Admin Tools 3.2.0 and 3.2.1. Unfortunately, they caused a blank page on Joomla! 2.5 sites. Regrettably we didn't have time for thorough testing of this release as we were scrambling to deal with a security update on all versions of Akeeba Backup, Akeeba Solo, Akeeba CMS Update and Akeeba Kickstart, as well as old versions of Admin Tools. On top of that we found out that the security update had broken the integrated restoration in Akeeba Backup / Solo and the Joomla! update process in Akeeba CMS Update and Joomla! itself. Right after the security release we had to fix these issue a.s.a.p. For what it's worth, these issues were fixed.

Scrambling to deal with security updates, trying to fix an issue introduced by the security update to Joomla! itself and being terribly sleep deprived is not a good combination for trying to test 24 component packages across 8 Joomla! versions and 5 PHP versions. If you're keeping count that's 960 testing combinations. Apparently, ten out of 960 environments –those regarding Admin Tools on Joomla! 2.5– slipped through the very long manual testing.

We are sincerely sorry about the major problem caused by this broken release.

How to fix

  • Log in to your site by FTP.
  • Delete the folder plugins/system/admintools
  • Login to the back-end of your site
  • Install Admin Tools 3.1.1

Known issues with 3.1.1

Admin Tools 3.1.1 has known issues with the PHP File Change Scanner. Please do not use this feature until we release a (properly tested) version 3.3.0 of Admin Tools. Please do not file a support request or bug report about the PHP File Change Scanner. At best we will give you a link to this page and close your ticket. We know what the problem is, we have already fixed it but as it became clear we cannot release a new version promptly – not without having the time to do proper testing. Since we're now scrambling to answer support requests and bug reports about the broken Admin Tools 3.2.x release the proper testing will take a few weeks to carry out.

Please note that Admin Tools 3.1.1 IS NOT affected by the security issue fixed in earlier versions (2.1 up to and including 2.4) of Admin Tools. The security issue had only to do with the Joomla! Update feature which was removed in Admin Tools 2.5.0 and rolled as a standalone component (CMS Update) afterwards.

If you were given a link to this page

If you were a given a link to this page after filing a support request, bug report or otherwise contacted us about the broken Admin Tools 3.2.x releases please do not reply. We are already backlogged to death. Any replies will seriously hamper our ability to provide support and a new, tested version of Admin Tools. If you had filed a ticket you will see that your ticket is closed. Please do not open a new ticket about the same issue for the reasons mentioned above. We know that we caused a major problem to your sites, we are deeply sorry, but if our staff is stuck with replying to the same people about the same issue we'll never be able to really help you.