29 July 2015 Last updated on 29 July 2015

The Akeeba Backup CORE for WordPress plugin was delisted from the WordPress Plugin Directory on our request. Please rest assured that we continue developing the software and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. Continue reading for more information.

After the fifth time we got a one-star review claiming that the free of charge Akeeba Backup CORE version was not free we just had to do that. Before that we had filed a complaint about these misleading reviews with the WordPress Plugin Directory staff. Their reply was that these reviews will not be removed because whether the plugin is free or not was "part of the subjective user experience". We consider that whether something is free or paid is a binary, objective state, not a subjective opinion.

Moreover, the deployment / distribution method used by the WordPress Plugin Directory is subpar. It all hinges on the fragile and obsolete Subversion (SVN) version control system. Nobody uses Subversion any more because it tends to screw up on big change sets, i.e. what happens when you deliver a new version of a complex plugin like ours. Even worse, the WP Plugin Directory's Subversion implementation was problematic, hosting all commits of all plugins under the same SVN repository. The direct result of this was that there was no way to test the upgrade to a new version before releasing it to the public, as well as problems with the deployment itself coming from the flakey nature of SVN.

Between all these issues we decided to delist our software from the WordPress Plugin Directory. Next week we will provide an updated Core release on our own site. First we have some QA to do on the updater to make sure it's ready for action. As for the Professional release of the software, nothing changes at all. It was always been available only through our own site and keeps on being available as such.

Meanwhile you can get the latest development version of Akeeba Backup CORE from WordPress from our dev releases repository.