23 March 2016 Last updated on 30 May 2016

We have changed the availability of some of our free-of-charge software since March 22nd, 2016.

In the interest of providing a better service to our paying clients we have decided to compact our extensions portfolio. This will free up resources required for us to improve more efficiently our flagship products.

Effective March 22nd, 2016 the following software titles are discontinued:

  • Akeeba CMS Update. Please use Joomla! Update that comes pre-installed with Joomla! itself. We have transferred our improvements to Joomla! and they will be integrated into a future version of Joomla! 3.5 or 3.6.
  • Akeeba SiteDiff. This product had already been superseded by the PHP File Change Scanner feature in Admin Tools.

All downloads and documentation of these products have been removed from our site, their GitHub repositories are closed to public and we will provide no support for them.

Moreover, effective the same date, the following software titles are now provided as unsupported, developer-only products:

  • Akeeba Subscriptions. It had already entered that status in November 2013. We had been providing installable ZIP packages since March 2016 but these were really only meant for use internally (the URL to download them was really difficult to find!).
  • YubiKey Authentication Plugins. U2F technology is still limited to Google Chrome on desktop/laptop computers, rendering it useless for more than two thirds of our users. We no longer have an interest in supporting that technology.
  • Akeeba Release System. This was only meant for developers like us wishing to make their software available through Joomla! and JED. If you belong in this category, don't worry! We keep maintaining it and you can still build ZIP files.
  • DocImport. That's a really obscure extension meant for use with DocBook XML files. If you are at the übergeek level of writing DocBook XML documentation you sure as heck can build a ZIP file from the sources!

All downloads and documentation of these products have been removed from our site and we will provide no support for them. You can click on the links to go to the GitHub repository, download the sources and build the installable ZIP files per our instructions. Keep in mind that we offer no support for these software titles, no exceptions.

Future development of unsupported software and alternatives

With the exception of the YubiKey plugins, all other software has always been intended to be internal, for use with our own site. Future versions will drop features which we do not use or anticipate to need in our own site to make the code base more maintainable. Inevitably, this will lead to some loss of functionality. If you are using these extensions and want something that comes with support we strongly recommend looking for alternatives in the following Joomla! Extensions Directory categories:

  • Memberships & subscriptions for alternatives to Akeeba Subscriptions. We've heard good words about RD-Subscriptions and PayPlans.
  • Downloads for alternatives to Akeeba Release System. We've heard good words about EDocman (NOT plain DOCman).

We don't have any alternatives for DocImport or the YubiKey plugins. Considering that about 10 of you are using either software we think it's not a big problem after all.